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Chicago Public Schools Turn to Uber, Lyft as Bus Drivers Resign Over Vaccine Mandate

21WIRE + Outkick | ‘Grab your masks kids, download this app, have a good day at school…’

Chicago Mayor Orders Special Fencing, Police to Stop Residents from Having Beach Parties

21WIRE + Tribune | Despite the authoritarian measures, the city’s Mayor is still struggling to enforce her medical martial law provisions.

Chicago Residents Required to Quarantine After Visiting 22 states, Threats of Huge Fines

21WIRE | Mayor jumps the shark, implementing a mandatory two-week quarantine for travelers or face hefty fines.

Chicago’s Pastor Corey Brooks on Protests, Looting and Problems in Black Community

UnHerd | An alternative voice on BLM protests and what solutions are needed to overcome the current impasse.

A Troubled King: Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel Desperate to Save His 2020 Presidential Run

21WIRE | Both the Democratic Party and Israel has a lot riding on these recent Chicago police shootings.

Emanuel’s Shame: Chicago’s Secret Prison is ‘Constitution-Free Zone’

21WIRE + The Guardian | Chicago’s answer to Abu Graib, where police employ ‘Gestapo tactics’, holding detainees in secrecy.

Chicago’s ‘Gun-Free Zone’: 13 Shot on Basketball Court Last Night

21WIRE | Despite efforts to make Barack Obama’s home town and Democrat stronghold a national beacon for gun control, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is have a tough time making ‘the change’.


Before It’s News Aug 2, 2011 Earlier this week, I showed you how Wall Street’s fat cats hide their big trades in the option markets. In that article I described some strange yet serious bearish option activity I discovered in the Nasdaq-100 (NDX). Like clockwork, the Nasdaq dropped 90 points or 3%. When heavyweights like […]

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