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Former CIA Analyst: ‘The Pentagon Leak is Only the Beginning’

What can we learn from the now notorious 21 year-old leaker? Should he be the main subject of inquiry, or is the perpetrator a mere fall guy, and a convenient distraction away from the explosiive contents of the Pentagon leak? UnHerd says…

Speaking about the motivations behind the leak, Gurri said: “The problem is we have these institutions — that essentially are 20th century institutions — that believe in all these steep hierarchical things, like how you classify information and where you stand inside the organisation.” The analyst referred to Teixeira as a “Zoomer” who “has access to all this material. And as opposed to most people who used to leak, who are either being paid by somebody, or have usually an ideological axe to grind, or they think that they’re saving America from making these terrible mistakes, this guy just likes to look cool with his friends on Discord.”

Clearly, there are some very big issues to consider here.

UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers meets former CIA Analyst Martin Gurri to discuss Jack Teixeira and the Pentagon leaks. Watch: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue