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Jacinda Ardern to Become New Zealand’s De Facto Censorship Tsar

These days, it’s hard to find any globalist who will let go of power gracefully, let alone retire from the stage of politics.

This seems to be the case with New Zealand’s increasingly unpopular radical Marxist former Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, who also just happens to also be a World Economic Forum young leader, and mentored by none other than Tony Blair. Undoubtedly, a brilliant resumé for any aspiring technocrat.

Not content with destroying her country’s economy and society over the last three years with her fanatical “zero Covid” lockdown and brutal vaccine mandates, Ardern is now being positioned by the Establishment to become the country’s de facto censorship Tsar…

Bloomberg News reports:

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will lead the nation’s push for greater safeguards against terrorist and violent content online.

Ardern has been appointed Special Envoy for the ‘Christchurch Call’, a global initiative she set up in the wake of a terrorist attack in the South Island city in 2019, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said Tuesday in Wellington. She will report directly to Hipkins and has declined to receive any remuneration for the role, which will commence on April 17, he said.

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This follows a familiar pattern within the Five Eyes Anglo-American fraternal order, where politicians and celebrities will be used to employ emotive demagoguery narratives associated with high-profile mass shootings or alleged non-state ‘domestic’ terrorist attacks, despite the fact than many of these plots are shown to feature government operatives.

The Guardian adds here:

The Christchurch Call was created by Ardern in the wake of the 15 March 2019 mosque shootings, in which a white supremacist killed 51 people during an attack on two mosques in Christchurch.

The attack was livestreamed and broadcast on a number of social media platforms, and in the months that followed, Ardern created the initiative to push companies like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to put in place stronger protections against the spread of extremist violent content.

“I … still feel a duty at a personal level to the community who are affected by this tragedy,” Ardern said in an interview on Tuesday evening, her first since her resignation in January. “I knew that I would have the time to do it. And I certainly have the passion for it,” she said.

NOTE: During her controversial premiership when she boldly proclaimed that her government should be the public’s “single source of truth” on all thing COVID, the government in Wellington began being viewed by many as a ruthless authoritarian technocracy. No doubt, this was instrumental in Ardern’s rapid political dowfall. Here we can now see Ardern’s successor, New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, endorsing Ardern’s continuation of controlling the nodes of censorship in New Zealand society:

“The March 15 terror attacks on Christchurch masjidain were a defining moment for our country and Jacinda Ardern’s leadership and the Christchurch Call is part of our response to those attacks,” Hipkins said.

“Jacinda Ardern’s commitment to stopping violent extremist content like we saw that day is key to why she should carry on this work. Her relationships with leaders and technology companies and her drive for change will help increase the pace and ambition of the work we are doing,” he said.

Clearly, the scene is now set for her to continue joining Big Government and Big Tech to silence political dissent online, all under the increasingly dubious guise of “fighting disinformation” and “tacking online hate.”

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And here’s the key passage:

The Christchurch Call project calls on signatory nations to adopt and enforce laws that ban objectionable material, and set guidelines on how traditional media can report acts of terrorism without amplifying them.

This is a particular sneaky censorsip angle which gives authoritarian globalist governments in the West a de facto carte blanche to go ahead and use demagoguery and emotive ‘victim’ themes surrounding high-profile tragedies – in order to enforce the most stringent blanket censorship laws and regulations in history.

The state is making yet another power-play.

Problem, reaction, solution.

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