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UKC News: Gov’t Struggles With Vaccine & Ukraine Narratives + Twitter’s Embedded Spooks

As the results of the government’s disastrous vaccine roll-out become apparent, bureaucrats are scrambling to shore-up the narrative that the experimental shot were somehow “safe and effective” – when in fact, the evidence clearly shows they are neither. The same with the UK and NATO’s protracted proxy war against Russia in Ukraine – as Kiev’s losses continue to mount and the war bankrupts the EU, UK and US, politicians continue to double-down on their audacious 2022 narrative that “Zelensky is winning”. Also, reports reveal how Twitter Inc. was crawling with spies from various countries’ intelligence hives – which raises a number of disturbing questions about what sort of user information they were collecting. Also, how long with Elon Musk regain CEO of Twitter? All this and more. 

Host Brian Gerrish is joined by Patrick Henningsen, David Scott, and Mark Anderson. Watch:

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