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Fauci, White House Lash Out at Musk Over Covid Trolling

If Elon Musk has proved one thing, it’s his ability to do galactic-level trolling on his new favorite social media platform.

Twitter’s new boss has rocked the DC establishment by exposing the company’s seedy corporate crypt to the sanitizing light of transparency.

Successive releases of the “Twitter Files” has shown how the company became a den of collusion with government agencies in an effort to secretly shadowban, censor, and cancel user accounts based on political affiliation.

The revelations may get worse following the impending release of Twitter’s “Covid Files” – which will likely show how the company’s self-styled censorship committee also conspired with government public health mavens, and perhaps Anthony Fauci himself, to censor and deplatform anyone who dared to question the government’s pseudoscience on Covid.

Musk also posted an amusing meme showing Fauci telling US President Joe Biden, “Just one more lockdown, my king…” – making fun of the government’s senseless Covid mitigation measures which had no measurable effect the alleged spread of the virus, but ended up destroying the country’s economy, over-inflating the US dollar, and ruining the education of millions of American children.

The Blaze TV reports…

Dr. Anthony Fauci has responded to Elon Musk’s recent broadside against him — despite pledging he would not respond.

What did Musk say?

Over the weekend, Musk ignited a firestorm of controversy when he simultaneously criticized gender pronouns and Dr. Fauci.

“My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci,” Musk tweeted on Sunday.


Even the White House publicly condemned Musk for his tweet.

“They are disgusting, and they are divorced from reality, and we will continue to call that out and be very clear about that,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday. “These [remarks] are incredibly dangerous and should be called out.”

How did Dr. Fauci respond?

Speaking with David Axelrod on his podcast, Fauci condemned Musk for instigating a “cesspool of interaction.”

“I don’t respond to him. I don’t pay any attention to him because that’s merely a distraction,” Fauci told Axelrod. “And if you get drawn into that, and I have to be honest, that cesspool of interaction, it’s — there’s no value added to that. It doesn’t help anything.”

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