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Study: More Germans Now Believe Russian Media on Ukraine, Energy Crisis

Quite understandably, the German and EU establishment must be in a panic, as the latest study reveals that Russian media content is being regarded as more factually-based than its European propaganda counterpart, which Euro psy-ops programmers fear may be threatening their rapidly deteriorating anti-Russia narrative ‘consensus’.

IMAGE: Protest at Leipzig organized by Die Linke (Photo: via SDS.Die Linke)

In recent months, Germany has seen massive demonstrations, as the people openly reject Berlin’s self-imposed economic suicide pact with the Brussels – at the behest of the United States. Citizens are now pushing back against their government’s rudderless and failing energy policies, and the biggest own-goal since WWII: the Russian energy embargo.  

As another cold winter sets in, European propagandists are now seriously worried that Russian news and analysis will cause westerners to believe that Moscow might be right afterall, and may even have moral standing in their geopolitical maneuvers.  They might even believe that in fact, Russia ‘could not help but start a war’ against Ukraine. In other words, they probably understand that eight years of NATO’s arming and training Ukrainian forces and Nazi units, open talk of Ukraine joining NATO, the US and EU-backed Maidan coup d’etat in Kiev in 2014, Kiev’s openly racist and discriminatory policies, laws and persecution against Russian-speaking residents in Ukraine, and Europe’s own intentional undermining of the Minsk Peace Accords – all combined to bait Russia into taking action in February 2022. Which is in fact true.

A recent study and survey of the German public covers a range of political affiliations, and shows they no longer believe in the West’s over-simplified western narrative about the causes of the war in Ukraine.

Here is how the German mainstream media outlet Der Spiegel is trying to spin it:

“Russian campaigns are designed to make it believe that Moscow supposedly could not help but start a war against Ukraine. A recent study shows that such narratives are becoming increasingly popular – and not just among right-wingers.”

If only that were true. Unfortunately for hapless occupied Germany, the harsh reality of this debacle is now inescapable. NATO’s political project is failing miserably now…

Here is a summary of this report from Spiegel

▪️ 40 percent of respondents fully or partially agreed with the statement that the “Russian aggressive war” was Russia’s reaction to NATO’s uncontested provocation. This is eleven percentage points more than in April.

▪️ 44% are fully or partially convinced that Putin is acting against the “global elite”, which “pulls the strings in the background.” This is twelve percentage points more than in April.

▪️ 14% fully agreed that Ukraine “historically has no territorial claims” and “is actually part of Russia.” About one-fifth of respondents consider it partially.

▪️ With nine percent, the number of those who fully believe that the war was “necessary” “to get rid of the fascist government in Ukraine” has almost doubled.

Read more at Spiegel

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