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China Still ‘Zero Covid’ Crazy – Wuhan Returns to Lockdown

At present, at least 208 million people in 28 cities across China are thought to be living under the illogical draconian pandemic lockdown orders and restrictions. 

The city of Wuhan in China, which was the first COVID hotspot three years ago at the start of the pandemic, has imposed lockdown in some of the districts. Hanyang is one of the districts in Wuhan which where lockdown was imposed after spike in coronavirus cases.

From Oct. 26 to Oct. 30, the district’s more than 800,000 people have been told to stay at home as services were limited across sectors, authorities said in a notice.

Wuhan’s Union hospital said in a release that it suspended out patient services after a staff member at canteen tested positive. Universities in Wuhan have reverted to online teaching.

“It’s already the third year and things are still like this,” Wuhan resident Joy Dai, who works in the tourism sector, told Reuters.

“It affects me both mentally and physically… but I’m helpless in all of this so I’ve learned to accept it.”

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Lockdowns have been imposed in districts of Guangzhou city as well. The city has reported 27 new local symtomatic cases and asymptomatic cases on Tuesday. The city has classified five more of its districts as high-risk: Huangpu, Nansha, Panyu, Yuexiu and Conghua.

The southern metropolis and manufacturing hub had already shut down daily social activities and called for mass testing in the Haizhu and Baiyun districts.


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