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Chaos By Design: The Roots of the EU Energy Crisis and France’s ‘Green’ Deception

EU Energy Crisis: Is it by design? And can it be traced back to a much older global agenda?

Freddie Ponton
21st Century Wire

On November 27, 2018, in the mist of another weekend marked by another revolt of the Gillets Jaunes, aka the “Yellow Vests,” who were protesting against the unbearable increases in fuel prices and various ‘green’ taxes, France’s current President Emmanuel Macron declared during the presentation of the multi-year energy policy meeting that 14 nuclear reactors, each producing circa 900 megawatts, will be shut down by 2035, including up to six reactors by 2030. The French president took this opportunity to announce the closure of the Fessenheim nuclear plant, located near the French-German border, in the summer of 2020. In contrast to the law’s initial aim of 2025, he confirmed that the nuclear contribution was to be cut to 50% of electricity output by 2035.

The question then remains: why would France make the same mistake as Germany by rolling back its nuclear fleet, and can the France economy and society survive after losing so much of its domestic energy production?

Nuclear Power plants and reactors to be closed by 2035 in France
(Source: ASN.FR – LPComputer Graphics)

This is all part of the planned take-down of European economy. It starts with the ‘green’ deception.

Wind and Solar?

Onshore wind power and increase in photovoltaic plants in France were part of Macron’s proposed energy mix from day one and to this day the French still remember Macrons famous apocalyptic pronouncement:

“End of the world,” or “end of the month,” and “we are going to deal with both, and we must deal with both.”

Was World Economic Forum Young leader Emmanuel Macron already on a mission to prepare the ground for Schwab’s Great Reset and 4th Industrial Revolution, and these terrible energy policy decisions come back to haunt him?

The answer is yes, absolutely.

The issue of French nuclear output is at the very center of all conversations in France these days, and despite summer coming to an end, and the dwindling Russian gas deliveries, people still want answers.

In an effort to alleviate the power supply crisis that has plagued the entire EU for the past six months, driving up inflation and forcing industries to slow down – or even shut down their production lines, member states of the EU are now being forced to pour enormous amounts of money into tax cuts, subsidies, handouts, and bailouts.

After the Yellow Vest protests, a shaky Macron government realised that in the short term at least, consumer energy process needed to be capped in order to avoid massive public protests again. But this has also come as a huge cost to EDF. This is only the tip of the iceberg though.

Since August 29, 2022, when electricity rates on the French wholesale market went hyperbolic, Emmanuel Macron has been under fire from a number of people for his extremely poor track record, and his very questionable motives.

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More than any other European nation, France is reliant on nuclear energy which produces nearly 70% of its power. The energy crisis that is crippling Europe at the moment has reawakened the debate of what to do with the country’s 32 nuclear reactors which have been forced to shut down for maintenance, mostly to address corrosion and other ‘wear and tear’ issues.

The economic repercussions this energy crisis is having on key industry sectors is visible, not to mention the fear and anxiety that is once more being injected into the populations. With 32 reactors out of 56 reactors shut down, one can only conclude that this was the promise Macron made to his globalist cohort in order to fulfill the UN 2030 Agenda, and although Emmanuel Macron’s pledge has yet to be fully carried out, it is nonetheless had a big impact on the country’s nuclear power generation.

EDF (Electricité de France) CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy did not hesitate to make this critical situation assessment during the Medef-organized meeting of top French entrepreneurs which coincidentally was launched by the unavoidable President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on August 29th 2022. Jean-Bernard Lévy made it clear from the get-go that the state-owned French energy giant EDF was under serious pressure because they lacked “tools” and “trained teams” to run its operations in a timely manner.

Pictured: EDF CEO Jean-Bernard Lévy

“We don’t we have a problem of expertise, we just don’t have enough teams that are qualified” said Lévy, adding that:

“The nuclear fleet would fall; prepare to close the plants and the reactors, we were told”, as he recalled.

Foreseeing this possibility necessitated “not hiring personnel to develop” reactors, but rather “to shut them down.

Incredibly, France is not able to supply its own energy needs. According to EDF corporate management, this demonstrates why the closure of four major nuclear plants is currently affecting the electricity output of France.

Such statement put Jean Bernard Lévy’s name on the path to Macron’s black list, and in record time France was launching a hunt for a new EDF CEO, whilst setting money aside for full nationalisation.

More than ever, Macron is governing like a French monarch, yet curious remaining a vassal of Europe and the United States.

Europe’s Energy Hustle

One of Europe’s largest utilities, EDF, in which the state already holds an 84% interest, is essential to France’s nuclear plan, which the government is relying on to mitigate the effects of high energy prices. Until recently, EDF was a highly efficient monopolistic producer and distributor of electricity (France being the biggest exporter of electricity in Europe). But our dysfunctional government forces them to sell over a quarter of their production to private resellers at mere cost (49 euros per MWH). How is this possible?

Let’s break this down…

This resulted in 8 billion euro a year loss of income – leaving the country’s energy infrastructure (upkeep of nuclear power plants) in a financial hole, along with the perverse madness that obliges EDF, because of its reduced capacity, to buy electricity on the open market at 1000 euros, and to forcibly “sell” the supply to those private companies at 49 euros – at a loss of 28 billion euros this year. Macron’s government was left with no other choice but to say EDF is ‘too big to fail’ before bailing them out with more billions of taxpayer euros.

“A daylight robbery under our very noses, and not one word from the MSM.”

Emmanuelle Wargon, president of the Energy Regulatory Commission said on Monday 19th September 2022, “The French may not escape targeted power cuts this winter”, adding that this extreme scenario was plausible under certain conditions.

If it gets really cold this winter and Electricité de France (EDF) is late in reopening the nuclear reactors, we will go into exceptional measures,” she concluded.

Now of course, we must understand why Macron is implementing energy restrictions following the shortage he himself has engineered; is it to appease environmentalists, or to please his EU German masters and their very unpopular European Green Deal (and self-imposed energy deficit by shunning Russian gas)? Or is there a far more sinister agenda at play here?

In the event of a gas shortage, “we do not cut off individuals”, assured Emmanuelle Wargon during an interview for France Info. “As for electricity, we could be forced, in the worst case scenario, to engage in targeted power cuts (load shedding) for a few hours at the level of a municipality or a district.”

Remember, this is the official narrative, but as usual the reality is likely different. Looking at many of Wargon’s speeches on national TV, we can sense that she was clearly brought in by Macron not only to infantilise the population, but more importantly to create a diversion from the real reason behind these upcoming power cuts which I will address further below.

WEF Doctrine and Dismantling Europe’s Industry

The globalists are losing the social media war regarding vaccines, and Ukraine. However, the one they really need to win is climate change. They are still riding the sick renewable energy horse in order to please their financial and political sponsors at confabs like the UN Climate Summit and the World Economic Forum. They most likely would like to avoid having people dying of cold this winter, but of course they might still accept a bivalent booster shot (of fear) for the population. They are probably telling each other: trust the plan. 

Having said that, what the progressive liberal class are 100% focused on at the moment in Europe, is the disintegration of industries in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and other EU countries, namely the production of steel, aluminum, zinc, and silicon. We are now seeing foundries in France and in many other EU countries having to face the electricity costs that are making their operations unsustainable. Businesses are being hit very hard by a sudden spike in overhead costs, and this is feeding inflation, but causing perpetual disruptions in supply chains.

For instance, faced with rising energy prices, the Dechaumont Foundry in France expects to see its overhead bills to rise from 1.5 million to 10 million euros next year. This is simply unsustainable. Its director denounces the volatility of electricity prices and fears having to go out of business if nothing is done.

Nyrstar, part of commodities giant Trafigura, has temporarily close its zinc smelter in Budel, in the Netherlands, from September 1st. In its press release, the company explains that it made this decision for “various external factors that have an impact”, but it is clear that this is mainly due to high energy prices.

Nyrstar has already cut production by almost 50% at its three European zinc smelters

The details of this development were reported by Reuters in this article which also outlines how China won’t be coming to the rescue anytime soon. “China lacks meaningful zinc export capacity to relieve ex-China shortages. Port congestion and high freight costs will also continue to frustrate and delay zinc shipments”.

Planned Collapse

We are currently witnessing a controlled demolition of the western economy – where a self-inflicted energy crisis on the back of the West’s proxy war in Ukraine is currently underway.

Due to a series of deliberate government policy decisions, the global supply chain is being seriously disrupted, and if you add to this the souring price of the raw materials, we must anticipate a chain of events that will bring the collapse of several strategic industrial sectors in Europe, which will trigger even more unemployment, poverty, and likely social unrest within less than 12 months from now.

As for Germany, Europe’s largest economy could shrink by 0.7% in 2023, according to the OECD’s latest forecast, with the organization citing rising energy prices and power disruptions as the reason for the continued downturn, all of which confirms our controlled demolition hypothesis.

Strangely enough, for the second time this month, Germany has reconfirmed its reliance on nuclear energy to face the energy crisis. German Economy Minister Robert Habeck (pictured above) announced on September 27th that two German nuclear power plants would remain operational during the winter of 2023 due to the unavailability of many French reactors, said France Info. To ensure the energy supply in Germany, “the Isar 2 power station (near Munich) and that of Neckarwestheim (southwest) will remain connected in the first quarter of 2023”, due to “the situation in France being worse than we expected”, Habeck said at a recent press conference in Berlin.

The decision to extend these two German power stations confirms the “volte-face” already made on September 5 by Steffi Lemke, the German environmental minister, whose party is historically deeply anti-nuclear. Integrity seems to be the last of their concerns.

Pictured: Steffi Lemke, German environment minister.

Lessons from the past

We have come to realise that to understand the European Commission’s strange behavior, and their current exotic energy and foreign policies, one should perhaps look into the past and see if a self-destructive attitude, as currently displayed by the European Commission President Ursula Van Der Leyen and other European WEF young leaders, could be observed on a different continent and in a different timeline in the history of industrialisation. Has any of this happened before?

I will posit that the Oil Shock of 1978–79 certainly qualifies, and could provide some of the answers, as well as help us to better understand the origins of the globalists’ orchestrated meltdown of the global economy. This is also instructive in identifying the crucial role the banking cartel’s financial system is playing by creating inflation which is driving the world towards severe contraction in economic activity, and total chaos on so many fronts. Additional answers can be found in the blueprints of the WEF’s “Great Reset” plan, and which may explain the decisions and moves recently observed on the international stage whose results can be felt at this moment in time across the western world and beyond.

Tracking the Trilateralists

In 1978, despite increasing concern among the public about the declining value of the US dollar and rapid pace of inflation, considerable concern was expressed that the rate of inflation might accelerate significantly as the year progressed triggering difficult questions concerning the appropriate role of monetary policy. In other words, government was in a panic with no clear path to stabilization. The Carter’s administration decision to appoint Paul Volcker was allegedly effective in reducing inflation, but the monetary contraction combined with the impact from the oil price shock – pushed the economy into the most severe recession since the Great Depression and triggered waves of popular opposition. Volker’s true intention remained unclear until November 9, 1978, and of course we will analyze the “why” in a moment.

The Trilateral Commission‘s role in orchestrating the self-destruction of the domestic U.S. economy from 1977–1981 is well documented, and that includes the push for the so-called era of “globalization,” as well as former Vice President Gore’s relentless effort to create a “post-industrial society” under the guise of fighting climate change – all which has been overt manifestations of a global plan of control to bring about a financial regime change which requires a constant state of emergency and subsequently a population in a constant state of fear.

The radical changes implemented by both the Nixon and Carter Administrations, which are best known as acts of self-destruction of America, were instrumental in bringing about the gradual dismantling of this once glorious republic – a process which continues up to this very day.

Time has now come for Europe to undergo this transformation, better known as the 4th Industrial Revolution, the key pillar of the UN’s Agenda 2030. It’s crucial to understand the very root of this Saturnian agenda and the motivations of its architects, as well as the implications associated with their proposed new economic world order.

Here we can posit that the origins of the so-called “Great Reset” can be traced back to the Council on Foreign Relations’ CFR Project 1980s, when the name of Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum didn’t mean anything yet. This deep state project was articulated by the trilateral commission whose members were embedded in the Jimmy Carter administration among them; Zbigniew Brzeziński, President Carter’s National Security Advisor from 1977 to 1981, as well as Werner Michael Blumenthal, US Secretary of the Treasury from 1977 to 1979, and Harold Brown who served as United States Secretary of Defense from 1977 to 1981, and also Cyrus Vance, Secretary of State and Head of Project 1980s Working Group, and of course Paul Adolph Volcker Jr who served as the 12th chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1987 and was the spokesman of CFR’s Project 1980s.

For insight on the Trialteralists, readers should also follow the work of author and researcher Patrick Wood author of Trilaterals Over Washington: Volumes I & II, and also his Trilateral Commission archive at Technocracy News.

The CFR’s Project 1980s – The policy of ‘controlled disintegration’ EIR Economics by Richard Freeman 


In 1971, during the Nixon presidency, Volcker played an important role in the removal of the gold standard, which then gave birth to a floating exchange rate system (the beginning of the end of the real economy), and the rise of the petrodollar.

On November 9th 1978, prior to becoming the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve and pushing the interest rate up to an unheard of 21.5%, Volcker gave his famous Fred Hirsch lecture, “The Political Economy of the Dollar,” at the Warwick University in England, and this is what he said:

A control disintegration of the economy is a legitimate object for the 1980s.

This sentence encapsulates the very spirit of the Trilateral Commission and CFR’s “Project 1980s” and the desire of the self-styled Masters of the World to engage in a control demolition of the western world and global economy – which certainly mirrors the dark time we are currently living. Unfortunately for us the disintegration process is already well underway, using the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and now the war in Ukraine, as their launching platform to propel us towards a digital black hole where your fundamental rights and privacy will eventually disappear.

What Volcker Really Meant by ‘Controlled Disintegration’ From EIR Economics by David Goldman


All these manufactured events will be cleverly used to explain the increase of energy prices, food prices, healthcare costs, and the general cost of living – in ways most of us have never experimented before.

As perhaps, you have already figured out, this agenda is cleverly designed to set in motion a controlled collapse the US and the EU economies, paralyzing the European SME’s which are the very lungs of both continents’ economy. Upon their collapse (if we let it happen), rest assure that vultures such as Vanguard or BlackRock will be more than happy to purchase them for pennies on the dollar when we eventually reach negative growth.

Remember what the WEF infamously said, ‘you will own nothing’…

CFR Project 1980s is the blueprint for extinction, and Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum bible if you will. It had ten working groups, which worked during the 1970s, eventually producing 33 books. The CFR’s Project 1980 blueprint for economics was outlined in the book “Alternatives to Monetary Disorder“, authored by Fred Hirsch. Hirsch was the former editor of the London Economist magazine, and it is he whom Volcker quoted in his infamous 1978 lecture announcing his policy wrote EIR Economics contributor David Goldman  in 1999.

Alternatives to Monetary Disorder by Fred Hirsch:

Now how timely is the recent August 26, 2022 speech delivered by Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerôme Powell, addressing the topic of price stability and inflation control tools, including the possibility of using the Volker magic wand. Surely that should tell you something!

Fed Chair Powell Delivers Remarks at the 2022 Jackson Hole Symposium:


Although it is true that it is necessary to take liquidity out of the speculative system, when observing the electricity prices or food prices souring to new heights, one must question the reason why Russia and the Ukrainian conflicts is being constantly blamed instead of the unimaginable pumping of liquidity being injected in the US and EU economic system during the Covid 19 pandemic? It was QE on steroids, and yet few in government and media will dare speak of it. The best analysis of these correlations was made by Harley Schlanger in his recent video titled, “The Trilateral Commission’s Project 1980s: Origins of the Great Reset,” which I have paraphrased on several occasions in this article, as his work was crucial and instrumental to reconcile and complete my research. So all credits should go to him of course.

Surely this has nothing to do with production slowdown or a sudden lack of consumption said Harley, but only a cunning subterfuge to hide the debt bubble and keep countries like France under the tight leash of a German-dominated European Union and the banking cartels.

Bearing in mind that 10% of France’s debt is indexed not on the inflation in France – but on the overall inflation in the Euro Zone. Hence, the possibility of France falling into bankruptcy, like Greece in 2011, has become a reality for us, and it is easy to understand why the neoliberals prefer blaming COVID-19, or Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine – in order to cover up the biggest corporate Public Private Partnership heist of all time. See this article about the indexing of France debt on EU inflation.

And the speculation’s show must go on….

Those who are looking into the current economic policies to explain this phenomenon are wasting their time since Volker’s fight against inflation was only motivated by the primary ideology behind “Project 1980″ which is to bring about the control disintegration of an old Economic system identical in many aspects to the current globalist’s initiative known as the World Economic Forum “The Great Reset”. Remember, things will never be the same, and we won’t be going back to ‘the old ways’ said Herr Schwab.

Again, everything is becoming clearer now that we can actually revisit the original blueprints of this agenda. That the Trilateralists’ Project 1980s provided the blueprints for the Great Reset is all but undeniable now.

The Great Reset is nothing short of a neo feudal system, where the self-proclaimed oligarchs collapse the economy whilst still retaining the control of the financial system, the food system, the health system etc… and of course the control of what is soon to become a very, very unhappy population (you and me).

This is why they experimented on us – not only with the ‘vaccine,’ but also with the vaccine mandate, aka “Green Pass” or “le Pass Sanitaire” to corral us all into their digital wallet system, one which will be required in the years to come – to eat, work, travel, vote…the list is endless.

Such an exercise involves the removal of a nation’s sovereignty said Harley Schlanger, which would explain why transnational government and their networks no longer act in the best interest of our nations but in the interest of their new rules-based order. Deregulation of stock markets, bond markets, and the energy markets – is all part of the controlled disintegration recipe and will be imposed until we are on our knees begging for energy or food, or to simply keeping our home. They clearly have been working on this for a very long-time, as they knew one mistake along the way could be fatal to them. It seems that they have already made a few.

Still, we must keep on exposing this gigantic fraud, and know that they eventually will fall; I believe the world has awakened quicker than they originally thought which has forced “Mr Global” to accelerate its agenda’s momentum. The good news is that speed in this kind of scenario always implies mistakes, so keep your eyes peeled, and be ready to hold them to account.

It would be naive to believe that all this time the petrodollars were reinjected into the economy, as such revenues represent the source from which the banks have drawn most of their wealth and power. Under ‘Volker rules’ we saw deindustrialization and globalization in action, where family farms were transformed into food and agriculture cartel, not to mention the attack on US manufactures and the associated relocation of US most strategic manufacturing plants to China, South America and other cheap labour locations around the world. This was also the birth of the outsourcing era pointed out Harley in his video, and in many ways it was a massive reconsolidation of wealth and power – which his all too common in the wake of a big boom-bust cycle.

From the 1980’s onward, we gradually saw the birth of the new ‘green’ movement where ecology became politicised in order to bring into the controlled disintegration framework, with its twin sisters, namely “controlled depopulation” and “stopping weapons of mass destruction” whose blueprints can be found in Klaus Schwab’s mentor Henry Kissinger’s 1974 National Security Study Memorandum 200 (The Kissinger Report). This seminal report was declassified in 1980 and revealed for the first time in history that population growth in the Third World was identified as a “national security threat” and that measures to reduce birth rate and increase death rate was being seriously entertained. After just over 40 years, I believe we too in the western world have become the target of this agenda.

What should we expect? And what should be our response?

Now we are living in the ‘climate change’ era, where a One Health approach justify government ‘public health’ actions and other unprecedented moves against their populations, where new alleged vector-born diseases are deemed to be the direct result of things like global warming, and not a natural occurrence, or worse, conjured up by useless PCR data. The globalists insist that all of these problems are man-made, but never government-made. They claim that it is our excessive CO2 emissions that are somehow creating pandemics and environmental catastrophes that affect food supply. Thanks to computer modeling they are able to creates impressive charts and predictive models to justify any state of emergency for health or for the environment. And today’s energy sector is no exception, it must be torn down as apparently our means for generating energy is simply not sustainable, and therefore the EU’s Green New Deal must apply.

Funny, I always thought nuclear was one of the cleanest energy sources, and who would’ve ever imagined that a Cow’s fart and Cow’s feces will be at the centre of the new zero carbon related policies.

This is how neo liberal policies play a part in the control disintegration of our industries and our energy, food and agriculture systems not to become more efficient or environmental friendly, but simply to be brought under their exclusive control. The Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill Gates of the world want it all, and they are prepared to demolish it all to “Build Back Faster”. The party’s over, and the global oligarchs are reconsolidating their wealth and power.

On the 25th of September, Rungis, the second-largest wholesale food market in the world after La Central de Abastos, located in Mexico City, mysteriously caught fire, perhaps accidentally, or perhaps on purpose, depending on your set of believes… however, must we all think this is a coincidence?


Now is the time for us French to familiarise ourselves with the “Ecowatt system”, a venture between France Television and RTE (Réseau de transport d’électricité) which will provide the ‘weather forecast’ for electricity.

The Ecowatt system, will allow users to see in real time the level of electricity available in the country thanks to a signal in a three color ‘traffic light’ system: green (normal), orange (tense), and red (very tense, synonymous with unavoidable blackouts if nothing is done to reduce consumption. I guess this will familiarise us all with the Chinese social credit system.

That’s right: we the people will be metered by the state real time. Electricity is now akin to the weather, and like a demigod the state controls that weather. Climate lockdowns, anyone?

I truly can’t think of a better way to spend winter…

“Ecowatt, the French weather forecast of electricity” – Source Agence France-Presse (AFP)


Make no mistake about it. This is really about social engineering, and more broadly, depopulation, because if the cold doesn’t get the best of your grandparents this winter, or next the side effects of experimental pharmaceutical products mandated by the state – that were forced on our elders, our nurses, and our military, and of course on our kids – will do the job they were designed for. Many may soon will start to feel the pain of hunger too, as slowly the food we all like to eat will slowly disappear from our favourite shelves, whilst the mainstream media will keep on pointing the finger at Vladimir Putin (until such time their fingers start to point at Volodymyr Zelenskyy).

Non-aligned countries will feel the wrath of these neoliberals; the banks want it all, and they are ready to maim and kill for it unless we stand together as people. The question is: will you fight on your knees or will you stand tall, proud and determined to defend who and what you love the most.

Neo liberals fear the very nature of humankind, they fear the time when enough of us have realised that we are the ultimate target of their controlled disintegration, a time when disobedience and rebellion will grow so fast that it will be very hard for them to stop humanity’s impulse for freedom and justice.

But wait…

What they fear the most is our ability to draw lessons from the past and our ability to swiftly react by reverting to our traditional and good way of life, grounded in common sense – taking the best of the old economic system and making the necessary changes to ensure that money and credit is going towards real production and not parasitic speculation. They are vulnerable too, and our growing emancipation away for their proposed authoritarian regime and their digital currency can only weaken them even more.

New technologies must of course play a part of what would become a reformed economic model, and it will be the role of the new policymakers of the world to ensure that all red tapes are in the right places and that no one, no group, no companies, no artificial intelligence software, nor any policies are in a position to dictate or control the future of mankind and the validity of our god given human rights.

Our reset implies that free nations return to their original sovereign form and turn away from global governance by technocratic committees, and their control disintegration agenda that creates more austerity policies through endless cycles of war, regime change and genocide.

We now have an advantage, we know where the young leaders and the so-called masters of the World Economic Forum want to take us. I don’t know about you, but the future they have in store for us doesn’t feel very appealing. Many feel that we too have been given a chance to look straight into the abyss and the evil plan of our wannabe masters, perhaps after all we too needed to confront this reality – to realise that a tiny minority of the human race have been empowering and enriching themselves for a very, very long time, gradually working on their ‘green’ depopulation agenda whilst planning to enslave us all.

They have gotten away with it so far, but their window of opportunity is closing faster they had anticipated, that is the price they are paying for making mistakes, or betting on the wrong horses.

So the time for pushback is now.

We are now moving away from Why they did it, to How can we overcome this.

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