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Report: Carjackings Rise in Democrat-run Cities Across America

As the American economy continues to sink, and inflation continues to spiral upwards – thanks to perennially failing government policies – crime numbers are also rising steeply across the country.

As it goes, the FBI does not deem certain crimes important enough to gather any national data on. One of those crimes not tracked by the federal law enforcement is vehicular hijackings, otherwise known as carjacking. However, many individual cities do keep this data, and the results are breathtaking.

Statistics show that robberies and crimes exploded during the so-called ‘pandemic’, and even after the pseudo ‘public health’ emergency abates, the crime numbers show no signs of letting up. This is in part a result of the irrational government policy which mandated that the population wear face masks during the COVID-19 panic, allowing criminals to conceal their identity and act with near impunity.

Many of the car thieves are quite young, some as low as 12 or 13 years-old. In 2021, in the city of Minneapolis there were 405 carjackings, which is more than triple the number from 2019, with many of the juveniles arrested aged between 11 and 17.

Other cities which saw massive increases include: Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Kansas City, Mo. and Louisville, Ky.

Incredibly, last year in Chicago under controversial Democrat mayor Lori Lightfoot, there were no less than 1,400 carjackings, some of them ending in a violent death for the victim.

As 2022 comes to a close, crime numbers continue to go through the roof…

Hannah Nightingale from the Post Millennial reports…

Democrat-run cities have seen a shocking spike in carjacking cases over the last year, with some cities seeing the highest number of carjackings in decades.

According to an NBC report, carjackings are up “55 percent in New York, 63 percent in Minneapolis, and a staggering 85 percent in Philadelphia,” though the report does not specify a timeframe.

According to police data obtained by CNN, New York City has seen the number of carjackings within the city quadruple in the last four years. The city recorded more than 500 carjackings in 2021, up from 328 in 2020, 132 in 2019, and 112 in 2018.

In Philadelphia, carjackings have nearly quadrupled between 2015 and 2021. The city recorded more than 800 last year, up from about 170 in 2015.

Last year in Chicago, the city recorded more than 1,800 carjackings, marking the most on record in 20 years. 2020 saw five times as many carjackings in the city as 2014.

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Recent reports of carjackings in the news include one in New York City, in which a man stole a car in broad daylight in midtown Manhattan. That car was one of three stolen within hours of each other in the same area of the city.

In Washington, DC, a DC Council candidate was carjacked at a gas station, with a man pointing the gun at Nate Lemming’s face “before I can blink an eye.”

In Philadelphia, a man delivering food was confronted by a teenager who demanded his keys. The teenager was shot, leaving the teen in critical condition, according to NBC News.

The spike in carjackings within the city prompted the police department to issue a guide to residents on how to survive a carjacking. Tip include giving up their car and leaving the scene, making a mental note of the suspect for identification thereafter, and “let the carjacker know” if there’s a child onboard.

Police say many times young people are responsible for the carjackings, with Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown stating:

“Our car jacking offenders are increasingly younger and younger. We’re trying to encourage our young people to make better decisions.”

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