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Analysis of Sergei Lavrov’s Latest Interview

Andrew Korybko
One World

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov gave his latest interview to RT on Friday, during which time he revealed a lot of important insight about his country’s perspective of International Relations, its ongoing special military operation in Ukraine, and America’s aggressive geopolitical motives. The present piece will focus on some of the highlights in order to inform interested readers who might not have been aware of this interview due to their governments’ censorship of Russian media.

The top Russian diplomat is convinced that the entire US-led Western pressure campaign against his country was preplanned in order “to marginalise Russia, to contain Russia, to stop Russia’s development and to reduce Russia to a zero role in world politics and world economy, world trade, world sports, art, science, education.” This is being done, he believes, due to the US’ desire to restore its declining unipolar hegemony which he says “has been much more manifested by the Biden administration.”

According to him, “The European Union already, I think 99 percent, stopped trying to be independent. President Macron, of course, keeps repeating that strategic autonomy for the European Union is his goal and he would be fighting for it, but my guess is that he would not succeed.” Basically, Lavrov believes that the EU can no longer be regarded as independent since it voluntarily surrendered its sovereignty to the US.

For this reason, “if there was any illusion that we can one day rely on our Western partners, this illusion is no longer there. We will have to rely only on ourselves and on our allies who would stay with us.” The end effect of what the US just did to Europe presages what it envisions for the rest of the world, which Lavrov predicts is “an American village and maybe American saloon where who is strongest is calling the shots.”

Nevertheless, there are countries that resist this unipolar hegemonic model, including “China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico”, his own country, and others. Actually, Lavrov implied that this includes most of the countries in the world since only a comparatively small amount of them actually ended up imposing sanctions against Russia. He mentioned that most of those who voted against it at the UN haven’t followed suit with sanctions since they only did so due to unprecedented American pressure.

In his words, “So a majority of those countries who voted with the West, they did not, and they would not introduce sanctions against Russia. They believe that it’s, you know, not a very big price to pay for their own practical cooperation with Russia, just to vote on something which is needed for the West for entirely propagandistic purposes.” He added that “threats to individual delegates regarding their assets in the United States, bank accounts, children studying in universities” and other means were employed.

On the scandalous topic of US biolabs in Ukraine, Lavrov described some of the dangerous pathogens that were being experimented with there, including those “which could be related to the ethnic groups living in the east of Ukraine and in neighboring regions of Russia.” In other words, he implied that America was plotting to create bioweapons that would specifically target people with the Russian genome, which would then have been used by its ethnofascist proxies in Kiev for genocidal purposes.

Furthermore, “the Americans some years ago decided that it is too dangerous to do these things on their own soil. So they moved all these threatening and dangerous activities to other countries, and more and more they concentrate their research and experiments around the borders of the Russian Federation and China.” This clearly proves that the US’ Hybrid War against the dual engines of the emerging Multipolar World Order has a crucial biological warfare component.

Indirect and unconventional means are being employed by America throughout the course of its campaign against Russia precisely because it knows that directly attacking its target could risk provoking World War III. This also explains why Lavrov doesn’t believe that Ukrainian President Zelensky’s proposal for a NATO-enforced “no-fly zone” over his country will ever come to fruition. Nevertheless, he noted that Zelensky is trying to get the US’ anti-Russian lobby to push Biden to be more confrontational.

These aims are also being advanced by some members of his own administration such as those who’ve briefed TikTokers on their country’s anti-Russian policies. Lavrov decried those efforts as amounting to the propagandization of innocent children seeing as how youths constitute the majority of that platform’s users. He regards this and other unfriendly moves as proof that there are no limits to how far the West will go in waging its infowar on Russia, including through the use of double standards too…

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