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Epstein Fallout: Prince Andrew May Now Face Sex Trial In New York

IMAGE: A photo purported to have been taken by Jeffrey Epstein of Prince Andrew with then underaged Virginia Roberts-Giuffre in 2001 – with Ghislaine Maxwell looking on.

You can bet that Prince Andrew is sweating now. For the British Royal Family, this is the equivalent of a nuclear fallout. 

The Prince has lost his latest legal battle to shield him from the Epstein affair after a new ruling by judge Lewis Kaplan in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York regarding a sexual abuse lawsuit filed against him – which could now proceed to trial in the autumn of 2022.

Despite pleas by the Prince’s lawyers, he could now face a long trial – one which is certain to inflict significant reputational damage to the Royal Family, as well as the British aristocracy as a whole.

Ironically, this legal debacle and ensuing media circus may coincide with the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebration which is being billed as a type of ‘national holiday’ event for her UK subjects.

Legal analysts are already war-gaming possible exit strategies for the wayward Duke of York, including the possibility of settling out of court with the alleged victim Virginia Giuffre. It is believed that in no uncertain terms that the Queen would not be bailing him out financially.

Such a settlement could very well extend into the tens of millions of dollars, which may explain why Andrew was recently seen trying to sell his £17m Swiss skiing chalet in order to make ends meet.

However, according to a recent statement from her legal team, Andrew’s accuser Virginia Giuffre may not accept a “purely financial settlement” to end a sexual assault civil lawsuit.

Another option for the palace is that Andrew is “de-royaled” – effectively stripped of his princely titles, and also from financial ties to the extravagant state-funded entitlement program enjoyed by the Windsors.

Expect any legal counter-motions to take place in the coming weeks.

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