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Unelected EU Boss Ursula Ignores Nuremberg Code in Favor of Vaccine Mandates

Ursula Van Der Leyen, the unelected head of  the European Union Commission, said late last week that she supports mandatory vaccinations in response to the supposedly “highly contagious” Omicron variant of the coronavirus – which she claims will ravage Europe unless the entire population is injected with the experimental Covid-19 GMO injection. 

In order to ‘fight Omicron,’ Von der Leyen, from Germany, wants to see the EU’s 27 member states ‘rapidly deploy’ experimental mRNA booster jabs, and wants to also see mandatory pre-travel non-diagnostic PCR tests for anyone moving within the EU’s borders.

She said that is both “understandable and appropriate” for all EU member nations to implement mandatory vaccinations.

Based on this unprecedented policy of medical martial law, it goes without saying that the EU boss would endorse additional coercive measures, threats, and other state intimidation tactics, to be used against anyone who dares to refuse the experimental corporate gene therapy product.

At present, Germany, along with Austria, is leading the charge for a 100% vaccination mandate and a vaccine passport human tracking system – both of which signal a disturbing return of authoritarianism in western Europe (and maybe not so coincidentally) in the very same spot it began in the early 20th century.

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Despite numerous desperate “fact-checker” claims, vaccine mandates under force of government punishment and accompanied by threats of unemployment and societal segregation – are in fact a direct violation of the Nuremberg Codes and the principle of informed consent.

Countless concerned members of the public have raised the alarm that this level of medical totalitarianism is in direct violation of the Nuremberg Codes under international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Not surprisingly, the mainstream media and Silicon Valley’s “fact-checking” brigade have been deployed to shout-down any opposing the government and the Gates-funded WHO, and to reinforce the establishment line that there is no coercion being carried out by governments to compel people to inject the new experimental gene-jab into their bloodstream. See the mainstream gatekeeping efforts here, here, here, here, and here.

However, the real facts speak for themselves.

Gateway Pundit explains…

Forcing individuals to take this experimental and potentially dangerous vaccine against their will would be in direct violation of the Nuremberg Code which was established in 1947 in the immediate wake of the horrific medical experiments and human rights atrocities by Nazis during the Holocaust.

The laws expressly state that the voluntary consent of the human subject is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL,” meaning that the individual is able to “exercise free power of choiceWITHOUT the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior forms of constraint or coercion” – a la taking away your right to work if you are not vaccinated.

A leading cause for the code’s creation was the Nazi’s sickening performance of medical experiments on subjects without their consent. These procedures, typically performed under the command of high-ranking officials such as Dr. Josef Mengele, were some of the worst and most deranged ever documented.

Since then, full and proactive ongoing consent for any medical procedure has been required by law in western nations that recognize the Nuremberg Laws.

The only way countries in the EU would be able to get away with forced vaccinations for this mild virus, which is an extraordinarily unethical and atrocious violation of human rights, is to do away with the Nuremberg laws, or just ignore them completely.

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