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White House Using ‘Omicron’ as Excuse for Stricter Covid Testing of Travelers

Just when the hysteria was abating and things seemed to be shifting back towards normal. Along came Omicron

In an attempt to reassert its power over constitutional and human rights, the Biden Administration has seized the opportunity provided by the media hype surrounding the alleged “Omicron” variant of coronavirus. Washington is hoping to leverage the fear of the alleged coronavirus mutation to impose tougher restrictions over the holiday period for all incoming travelers to the United States – claiming once again that this will somehow ‘stop the spread’ of an as yet unproven ‘deadly new variant.’

According to director Dr. Rochelle Walensky of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the government will likely enact a new set of pandemic measures supposedly to ‘make international travel as safe’ – including “pre-departure testing the day before your flight, as well as more post-arrival tests and quarantines.”

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It is expected that the CDC will be asking airlines to turn over the names of all passengers who traveled to the US from any southern African nations and turn them over to state and local public health departments to surveil them and impose more quarantines and testing.

Free Thought Project says…

As we are seeing across the planet, governments, unable to understand the seasonality of COVID, are turning to police state measures in futile attempts to contain the virus. Countries all over the west have implemented draconian mandates, locking down the unvaccinated and even issuing fines and penalties to those who refuse the jab.

As we reported last month, Australia began forcibly quarantining citizens in internment camps over the virus and now, because many Americans have stood idly by, this policy is coming home to roost.

Those who thought taking the jab would give them their freedom back are about to find out that they were conned and they will be subject to the same medical tyranny as the unvaccinated, even if they test negative.

As Washington Post reports:

As part of an enhanced winter covid strategy Biden is expected to announce Thursday, U.S. officials would require everyone entering the country to be tested one day before boarding flights, regardless of their vaccination status or country of departure. Administration officials are also considering a requirement that all travelers get retested within three to five days of arrival.

In addition, they are debating a controversial proposal to require all travelers, including U.S. citizens, to self-quarantine for seven days, even if their test results are negative. Those who flout the requirements might be subject to fines and penalties, the first time such penalties would be linked to testing and quarantine measures for travelers in the United States.

As we reported this week, the media has waged a massive fear mongering campaign over the “omicron variant” in spite of the fact that the doctor who discovered it, who is a Covid-19 adviser to the South African government said that symptoms linked to the omicron coronavirus variant have been mild so far.

Barry Schoub, chairman of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Vaccines, told Sky News on Sunday that while South Africa, which first identified the new variant, currently has 3,220 people with the coronavirus infection overall and while the variant does appear to be spreading rapidly, there’s been no real uptick in hospitalizations. His narrative is in direct contrast with that of the western mainstream media which is pumping out 24/7 fear mongering and doom.

Despite the facts, because Americans have become resolute with the idea of sacrificing freedom for a false sense of security, the United States is on its way to becoming a medical police state.

According to the report, Janet Hamilton, executive director of the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists, said that such measures are “a critical step for reducing transmission of SARSCoV-2, whether we are dealing with a newly emerging variant like Omicron or working to reduce transmission of already circulating strains.”

Hopefully, more states choose to follow in the footsteps of Florida and Texas by refusing to follow these tyrannical and unconstitutional dictates from the federal government. Resistance is our only hope.

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