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Syrian FM: ‘US Presence in Syria is Illegal and They Need to Leave As Soon As Possible’

Those stark images are now etched on the minds of the world: the utter chaos in Kabul as the United States attempted its ham-fisted retreat from a 20 year-long un-winnable war. It was this generation’s own “Saigon moment.” Unfortunately for the foreign policy blob in Washington, their geopolitical pain does not end with the loss of the Hindu Kush.

In terms of America’s international woes, Afghanistan was only the beginning. With rapidly deteriorating situations in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, the writing is now on the wall: the days are numbered for America’s nation-building and regime change road show in the Middle East.

One of the biggest dominos set to fall is Syria. For Damascus as well as the region, it’s long overdue.

Middle East based journalist Steven Sahiounie reports…

Faysal Mikdad, Syrian Foreign Minister, said recently in New York, “The presence of US forces in Syria is illegal and they must leave as soon as possible, “he added, “If they do not, they will end up just like in Afghanistan or any other country.”

On September 13, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Moscow.  Plans to unify Syria were discussed, and US and Turkish invasion forces were criticized for being in Syria illegally, without a UN mandate, and against international law.


US President Joe Biden has said he wants to end the ‘never ending’ wars in the Middle East.  He has also said that the US is no longer following a policy of ‘nation building’, which is just another term for ‘regime change’ projects abroad. But, we can’t forget that Joe Biden was Vice President with President Obama during the period that the US destroyed Syria in a failed attempt at ‘regime change’ beginning in 2011.

Recently, the Biden administration drew criticism at their chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan. The withdrawal of US troops from Syria would not be as complex, as there are only about 900 troops present.  They would move to Iraq, and the Iraqi Parliament has previously requested that the US troops also pull out, as they are without a current mandate.


President Trump had promised to bring the US troops home from long wars abroad and ordered the pullout of Afghanistan and Syria. However, the ‘Deep State’ stood in his way and refused to allow Trump’s order to be fulfilled in Syria. Trump had campaigned to fight the ‘Deep State’ but instead he was over-ruled by it.

The military concocted a formula to allow the US troops in North-East Syria to steal the oil from the largest oil field in Syria, and provide the stolen oil to the US allies, the SDF.  The SDF would sell the stolen oil to finance their operations, as well as to feed the thousands of ISIS prisoners and their wives and children, who are caged in camps in North-East Syria.  Thousands of the terrorists, their wives, and children are citizens of Western countries, who refuse to take them back….

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