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UK and Greece Collude to Push New ‘Vaccine Passport’ on Holiday Travelers

As 21WIRE reported earlier this week, despite various public denials by UK ministers it has been revealed that the Government is indeed planning to roll-out a new Vaccine Passport, and will be using the NHS COVID Track & Trace App as the initial Trojan horse vehicle for the project – transitioning the App into the “digital certificate” on smart phones to prove their supposed “immunity status” (even though the COVID vaccine does not actually provide immunity). 

After managing to sneak this unprecedented bio-surveillance measure under the radar for months, the political leadership will no doubt be facing serious push-back by virtue of the fact a Vaccine Passport is a total abrogation of constitutional, civil and human rights.

Certainly, on a domestic level this would be draconian in the extreme – potentially restricting access to shops, transport, schools and other venues on the basis of one’s vaccine status. But for international travel, it’s now abundantly clear that governments are already colluding in order to normalise what can only be described as a new level of social control and medical fascism.

To soften the opposition for international travelers, conspiring governments are seeing to be providing what looks like a conciliatory gesture for travelers between regime countries by allowing the ‘non-vaccinated’ to bypass Vaccine Passport control by taking a COVID test. If they negative, they will then be allowed to pass through unhindered. This includes use of the wildly inaccurate and arbitrary PRC Test.

This is exactly what the UK and Greece governments have quietly cooked-up, proposing what is an illegal regulation behind the backs of the population – without any public debate or public consultation on the issue. It is literally pharmaceutical fascism by administrative fiat.

With summer rapidly approaching, and millions suffering under repressive lockdown measures, the governments have already engineered an artificial supply (freedom) and demand (holiday travel) for this new policy which they are in completely control of. The British government’s convenient excuse for falling into this seemingly ‘unavoidable’ situation is that a vaccine passport is “going to come on the international stage whatever” for foreign travel as “other countries would insist on it.” In other words, ‘there is no alternative.’ This is patently untrue, but by employing this policy by stealth and laundering via ‘other countries’ politicians can safely push the illegal vaccine passport regime without ever having to take a legal or ethical position on it – in effect, creating a de facto standard by fiat.

By pushing ahead in a bilateral fashion, the UK and Greek governments have created a political juggernaut – an artificial accelerator designed to pressure Brussels to ‘move quicker on the issue’ and thus bypass due process and legal considerations on this issue. The headlines are proving that this is exactly what the UK and Greece have done, with the Financial Times already reporting, “Greece presses EU to ‘move more quickly’ on vaccine passports.”

Behind closed doors, participating governments are attempting to make this highly coercive policy the ‘New Normal’ in perpetuity for international travel.

ITV reports…

Haris Theoharis said Britons who have had the Covid vaccine will be able to travel to Greece and will no longer be required to self-isolate upon arrival. Those who have not been vaccinated will require a negative Covid-19 test before traveling to Greece.

Mr Theoharis said: “We feel that the vaccination programmes is a game changer, together with rapid tests and alongside PCR tests.”

“We feel that vaccination means someone with the required certificates which will be issued by the government will mean you don’t need to have a negative test before the flight.

“But it doesn’t mean that only vaccinated people can travel. We still have the option of a negative test for those who haven’t had a vaccine.”

He added that talks are ongoing between the UK and Greek governments regarding the implementation of a vaccine passport, to prove that visitors have had a jab.

Watch Greece Tourism minister, Haris Theoharis, explain the new rushed policy here:

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