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Show of Force: Democrats Deploy Military in DC, Call for New ‘Stasi’ Domestic Spy Agency

21st Century Wire says…

This hyperbolic ‘Domestic Terrorism’ rhetoric and total over-reaction by Democrats and the Media not only threatens the rights and liberties of all citizens, but it will surely exacerbate the polarization in America.

Following the the raucous events during January 6th protests and Capitol Building incursion, Washington DC is now unrecognizable. Democrats insist that protests that day qualify as “sedition,” and “insurrection,” as well as “a violent coup attempt.” In an emotive reaction, the Democrat Congress and their allies in the Pentagon have quickly moved to deploy multiple battalions of armed National Guard troops to ‘secure the Capitol,’ and also set-up military check points on the streets of Washington DC – all to supposedly bolster security for today’s inauguration of President Joe Biden, following one of the most controversial elections in the country’s history. But there appears to be a much larger political agenda at play.

Adding to the tensions, Democratic lawmakers, backed by their partisan mainstream media cohort, have now called for a new “Domestic War on Terror” and have vowed to hunt down anyone in involved in the DC protests, along with endless hyperbolic calls to purge any dissenting Republican Congressmen and Senators from office, namely, those who dared question the validity of the 2020 election results in key swing states. There is a clear partisan effort by partisans and the mainstream media to characterize and treat any Trump supporters as suspicious and to label them as ‘terrorist threat’ to placed on ‘watch lists’ and pursued by the Justice Department.

According to this National Guard Chief, the total number of personnel on the streets of the Capital will reach 65,000 by inauguration. Watch:


These troop numbers are many more than 5 times the total US troop deployment in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Syria combined. Along with the military occupation of the Capital, miles of fencing and concrete barriers have also been erected everywhere, resembling something akin to downtown Beirut.

Are these these security barriers going to be temporary, or will they become a permanent fixture for the Biden Administration?

To add more fuel to the fire, Democrats are also injecting race into the political rancor, calling all of the DC protesters “White Supremacists” and have called for federal funding to “deprogram” them, said junior Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Democrat leaders are also urging the FBI and federal law enforcement to draw up lists for a “nationwide dragnet” with the goal of mass arrests and prosecutions of many Conservatives and Trump supporters. History has shown time and time again that politicizing the agencies of state in this way – will further destroy social cohesion and foment even more civil unrest.

In this recent segment, host Tucker Carlson rails against Congress and the Pentagon’s latest ‘show of force’ in Washington DC, and accuses lawmakers of supporting a secret police unit to spy on U.S. citizens. Watch:

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