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Death of Democracy? Biden in Bed with Silicon Valley Cronies

When the New York Post reported on revelations of corruption regarding Joe Biden and his son Hunter, the reaction from Silicon Valley’s Big Tech monopolies was to censor, bury and ban anyone posting it. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook even went so far as to block all posts and accounts that linked to the story, including that of the White House Press Secretary.That was just three weeks before the election. As for the mainstream media, they simply ignored it and called the story (a real story) “Russian disinformation.” As if. But it worked, these powerful interests coordinated their efforts and circled the wagons, and got the result they wanted – which was to bury an important story and protect the Democratic Party’s candidate. 

Just how tight is Biden and the Democrat Party with Big Tech censorship machine? Already, the US president-elect is reported to have appointed former employees of Facebook and Amazon to his transition team and cabinet. John Naughton writes:

“Biden’s transition team is packed with tech industry insiders. Tom Sullivan, from Amazon, is earmarked for the Department of State. Mark Schwartz, also from Amazon, is heading for the Office of Management and Budget, as are Divya Kumaraiah from Airbnb and Brandon Belford from Lyft, the ride-hailing company. The US Treasury gets Nicole Isaac from LinkedIn, Microsoft’s department of spam, and Will Fields, who was Sidewalk Labs’ senior development associate. (Sidewalk Labs was the organiser of Google’s attempt – eventually cancelled – to turn Toronto’s waterfront into a data-geyser for surveillance capitalism).”

The circle is complete. What is at stake going forward is free speech and the right to fair and free elections.

Host Tucker Carlson talks with conservative commentator Candace Owens about Big Tech executives’ millions in donations to the Biden 2020 campaign, and the direct danger to democracy posed by the widespread systematic political censorship being imposed by Silicon valley. Watch:

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