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Why IPCC ‘Climate Science’ Doesn’t Add Up, Facebook Censoring the Debate

Is the public getting fair and balanced information regarding the climate debate? One reason the facts are not making it into mainstream discourse is that there are active campaigns like “Climate Feedback” and “Climate Power 2020,” led by billionaire anti-fossil-fuel activist Tom Steyer, who have convinced Facebook to actively remove any content which challenges the Establishment’s ‘climate change’ narrative.

One of the most credible voices in real scientific debate is American academic and expert analyst Dr. Caleb Rossiter, who is currently Chairman of the CO2 Coalition. The following segment covers the following:

Some highlights include:

  • Rossiter’s decades-long work on African issues.
  • His controversial OpEd in 2014 which triggered the climate alarmists
  • Why fossil fuels, especially coal, are crucial to African prosperity.
  • How Rossiter became suspicious of climate models.
  • CO2 as a warming gas and a plant fertilizing gas.
  • How challenging climate ‘catastrophism’ hurt Rossiter’s career.
  • How the “paid off by the fossil fuel industry” narrative is laughable.
  • How the elite Green Lobby is systematically censoring social media content which questions the climate orthodoxy.

Power Hour host Alex Epstein talks with Dr. Caleb Rossiter about the real facts regarding climate change. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue