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Sadiq Khan: Mandatory Masks Will Be the ‘New Normal’ for at Least Another Year

One of the great impending disasters of the COVID crisis is that despite the fact that the Coronavirus is rapidly disappearing and its true Infection Fatality Rate is in the exact same range as the seasonal flu, politicians and government health officials seem determined to roll-out the globalist “New Normal” regime.

We’re continually told by health officials and the media that the primary reason for requiring face masks is to protect people from the COVID-19 airborne pathogen. There are numerous problems with this government belief system, not least of all because it assumes that every person is equally at risk of illness due to COVID-19, which is false. The vast majority of the general population are not at risk at all, as it mainly only affects one specific demographic: over 70 years old with chronic long-term health conditions, and within that risk group the majority of complications and fatalities have been with nursing/care home residents (none of these people travel on public transport). The other reason why this virus is not a threat to the wider population is because it is seasonal in nature; it has followed the exact same trajectory of decline in every country worldwide, and by now has all but extinguished itself in any significant form. But even beyond all of this, it has already been well-established by numerous scientific experts that masks are incapable of protecting people against this or any other respiratory virus.

This means that wearing them is more a psychological reinforcement rather than any real medical prophylactic.

Even America’s health tsar, Anthony Fauci, admitted as much in a 60 Minutes interview in March, where he stated, “There’s no reason to be walking around with a mask.”

And despite all of that, the New Normal agenda is still being pushed through.

The UK’s Daily Mail reports…

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said facemasks will be the ‘new normal’ for commuters in the capital for at least a year.

Protective face coverings are compulsory on public transport across England in a bid to keep coronavirus infection rates low and avoid a second wave of the deadly virus.

Free masks were handed out in their thousands on buses and trains in attempt to kick start the new laws on Monday as 3,000 more police took to the streets looking out for rule-breakers.

Those who don’t wear masks will face £100 penalty fines but confusion still reigned about how the regulations – followed by 90 per cent of Londoners on Monday – will be enforced, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Sadiq Khan told LBC: ‘This is part of the new normal. The reality is that for the foreseeable future – I predict for the next year or so – wearing face coverings is going to become the norm rather than the exception.’

Confederation of Passenger Transport Executive Graham Vidler told the BBC that those who are unable to wear masks due to a disability will be able to signal to a driver or conductor using a ‘journey assistance card’.

He said: ‘If passengers aren’t following the guidelines then other passengers might have difficulties with that and issues might arise.

‘That’s another reason we are encouraging people to use journey assistance cards to indicate that they have a valid reason for not wearing a face covering…

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