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Leading UK Doctor: ‘Coronavirus Could Be Gone Before Any Vaccine Arrives’

Leading oncologist Professor Karol Sikora raised eyebrows last month when he said a COVID-19 vaccine may not be needed. In this recent news segment, he explains how the coronavirus may eventually just ‘peter out’ long before any much-awaited vaccine ever arrives. But is he right? And what does this mean for the government’s ambitious new mass-testing and contact tracing regime?

“People are so shattered now, they don’t want to take any risk,” said Sikora.

Indeed, the results of that impending scenario could be devastating – unless government and health officials act quickly to reverse their policy and admit to the public that they were wrong about the need for any sweeping lockdown policy, and then update the public on true threat level posed to the general population by COVID-19.

According to Sikora, there are a potential 50,000 cancer patients who will likely die because of treatment delayed by government ‘Lockdown’ policy and what have effectively become a ‘COVID only NHS health service.

Watch this UK TV segment broadcast on May 19, 2020:

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