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The Truth About OPCW and Supposed ‘Gas Attack’ in Douma

This week more leaks emerged from the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), revealing how two whistleblowers from the group’s Syria Fact Finding Mission have accused senior management of hiding evidence which would have exonerated the Syrian government in the alleged “chemical weapons attack” which the US, UK and French governments and paid-for propaganda outlets like Bellingcat all claimed took place in April 2018.  However, evidence now reveals that the OPCW executives  had in fact altered their final report in order to create a Washington-friendly story line – a version of events which never actually happened. What’s more incredible is the fact that virtually no western mainstream media outlets have covered the new OPCW leaks, other than Fox News and the UK’s Mail on Sunday, thanks to its featured columnist Peter Hitchens. 

When the latest round of leaks broke back in late November, Fox News host Tucker Carlson spoke to former Middle East correspondent for the Guardian, Johnathan Steele, who had met the second whistleblower and has indeed confirmed the validity of the claim. Steele explained the significance of the leaks:

There was no real reason why Assad would make an attack at this stage, because he was already capturing most of Douma and was about to capture the rest of it. He didn’t need to go in for a chemical gas attack at that stage.

This incident should underline the importance of skepticism before leaping to conclusions in the face of war drums beating loudly, as they always seem to do in these situations.

We’ve been lied to. We’ve been manipulated. We knew it at the time,” replied Carlson. Indeed Tucker was skeptical at the time in 2018, as evidenced in the clip below.

It’s now time for the US, UK and France to finally come clean and admit the truth about the alleged 2018 ‘chlorine attack’ in Syria. Watch:

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