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VIDEO: Saudi-led Coalition Suffers Fresh Losses Against Yemeni Resistance

After over 4 years of conflict, Yemen’s Popular Resistance forces now control central Taiz, and some rural areas.

‘Houthi’ rebels are also waging successful waves of drone attacks on Saudi oil installations, all of which is increasing the pressure on Riyadh.

For the Saudis the situation couldn’t be more perilous. Yemeni resistance forces are now making inroads into southern Saudi Arabia.

South Front reports…

On July 24, the Houthis repelled a new attack by the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemeni proxies on their positions in the southern Saudi province of ‘Asir.

Houthi fighters managed to hold onto their positions in the outskirt of the city of al-Raboah in the southern part of ‘Asir, despite heavy airstrikes by Saudi warplanes. The Yemeni fighters also launched two Zilzal-1 improvised rocket-assisted munitions (IRAMs) at Saudi-backed forces gatherings in the region.

The Saudi media acknowledged that eight Saudi service members were killed in the Kingdom’s southern region on July 24. However, it remains unclear if they were all killed in al-Raboah’s failed attack.

The Houthis’ ability to maintain positions near a key southern Saudi city like al-Raboah is a major blow to the Saudi-led coalition. For more than four years now, the coalition has failed to secure the Saudi-Yemeni border, or even to push the Houthis out of the Kingdom’s southern region.

Saudi-led Coalition Suffers Fresh Losses In Failed Attack In Southern ‘Asir (Video)

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