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VIDEO: ‘Macron Regime’ Storm Troopers’ Brutal Beating of Yellow Vest Protesters

Three weeks ago, a French revolt ensued on the streets of Paris led by working class protesters revolting against the government’s excessive taxation and general inflation on essential goods which are vastly out-pacing basic incomes. Protesters and union workers chose to focus on one of the state’s main cash cows – the fuel tax. Since then, demonstrations have escalated into bona fide civil unrest, forcing the government to enact emergency measures in order to maintain law and order on the streets of its capital.

However, those efforts appear to have paid off today. After intense standoff and some negotiations between protest leaders and government officials, President Emmanuel Macron finally conceded by agreeing to suspend any increases, and also drop any further fuel-tax hikes from future budgets.

“The government is ready for dialogue and is showing it because this tax increase has been dropped from the 2019 budget bill,” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said in a statement to the lower house of parliament in Paris today.

But the protests revealed a darker side of the France’s authoritarian character, as gangs of French Riot Police were caught on camera multiple times, dispensing merciless beating against Yellow Vest protesters. These scenes have shock onlooker internationally, but come as little surprise to French residents who are well-aware of such heavy-handed tactics.

As journalist and social media activist Partisan Girl aptly points out, this brutal display of police thuggery which shows storm troopers hunting down unarmed protesters in the streets before beating them, has earned the state the monikers of the “Macron Regime,” thus appropriating the same lexicon used by Western governments when describing what they claimed were “peaceful democratic uprisings” in Syria and Libya.

The following two film clips contain naked state violence and may disturb viewers:


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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue