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Whistleblower: ‘Why I Quit Being a Therapist’

It’s no surprise to many Americans that Big Pharma has come dominate the mental health space, but many others are still unaware they are being exploited by doctors and firms who are plying them high-cost drugs which are not only ineffective, but extremely risky for consumers oblivious to their side-effects.

Former psychotherapist Daniel Mackler discusses his harrowing experience in a profession fast-coming under the yoke of powerful healthcare conglomerates and transnational pharmaceutical giants.

“I was a psychotherapist in New York for ten years. I’ve often been asked my reasons for ending my therapy practice, and here they are. I touch on the subjects of the screwed-up mental health system, the unscientific nature of diagnosis and psychiatric medications, the stress of working with traumatized clients, vicarious trauma in the therapist, payments and awful insurance companies, the exhausting nature of the work, the heavy responsibility, pressure to use force on clients (which I never did), and professional liability, to name a few…” Watch:

Find out more about Daniel’s story at Wild Truth

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue