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PRE-ELECTION PURGE: Renan Santos of Free Brazil Movement (MBL) says ‘Facebook’s actions are censorship’

On Episode #243 of the Sunday Wire Radio Show, Renan Santos, co-founder of the mercurial Free Brazil Movement (MBL), South America’s largest Libertarian-Conservative-Rightwing coalition political movement, condemned Facebook’s recent actions against the supporters of Movimento Brasil Livre as censorship of free speech.

Renan discussed his political organization’s battle with Facebook over the social media monopoly’s practice of ‘shadow banning‘ and also their recent shutdown of hundreds of personal pages and profiles in an unprecedented “pre-election purge” in Brazil – but also Facebook’s shady involvement in Brazil’s democratic and legal processes – an eery parallel to the recent dystopic Hollywood film “The Circle.”

We also discover that this is not strictly a partisan issue – it’s a global one affecting all colors of the spectrum – Left, Right and Centerist organizations depending on which country.

Listen to this powerful and informative podcast…

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue