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Pure Propaganda: White Helmets Stage Video of ‘Rescuing’ Babies for Western Media

Latest White Helmets video production end with ‘first responder’ dumping another dusty baby on an ambulance gurney for a photo-op (Source: NBC News)

This last week has been productive for the White Helmets, having expanded their their studio lot from Idlib, down to terrorist-occupied suburb of East Ghouta, Damascus, with both sites running the same familiar story-boarded scenes and production values.

It’s become all-too predictable: the same scripting and camera shots, all feeding into the same western mainstream media treatment of a made-to-order ‘civil war’ narrative, designed to elicit an emotional response from western viewers and to further reinforce the western humanitarian crisis mythology, in the hope of engineering a western imperative to escalate its intervention against the Syrian government.

This latest report released by Reuters/NBC News contains some incredibly misleading propaganda, with the headline, “Russia intensifies bombing of Syria’s Idlib after rebels down jet, killing pilot,” making this alleged incident seem like wanton revenge on the part of the evil Russians.

“Civil defense sources said air raids struck the towns of Kafr Nubl and Maasran, as well as the cities of Saraqeb, Maarat al Numan and Idlib, and that several deaths and dozens of injuries were reported as rescuers dug through the rubble.”

Notice how Reuters/NBC News try and tart-up their report by citing “Civil defense sources”, which might sound impressive to anyone who hasn’t actually been following this conflict closely for the past 7 years. What Reuters/NBC News have conveniently left out is the fact the ‘civil defense’ organization they are referring to is none other the White Helmets, and who are al Qaeda’s civil defense, operating exclusively in ‘rebel’ terrorist-occupied areas in Syria. Their base of operations is in Turkey, not Syria, and they are being funded by UK, US and EU member state governments to the tune of over $200 million since their inception in late 2013. None of these facts are ever mentioned in any western mainstream coverage of this pseudo NGO’s exploits.

What’s interesting about this Reuters/NBC News mainstream written report is that for the first time, the MSM have failed to even mention the name “White Helmets”, opting instead for the more official sounding ‘Civil Defense’. One reason for this could be that the White Helmets brand is so tarnish by now, that even mentioning them might be a liability for western media outlets who are still determined to air their propaganda videos during newscasts.

What NBC News, nor any other western media fail to mention is that the White Helmets are in fact a rip-off of the REAL Syrian Civil Defense who are an official state civil organisation and members of the ICDO based in Geneva, and who have been working all over the country throughout the Syrian War.

As per usual, this western-funded ‘NGO’ has produced another heavily edited video, complete with the obligatory man wearing a helmet cam whilst running and continuously screaming, “Alah hu Akbar!”, as a series of babies are ferried past the camera, cradling babies, and even digging out live babies from the rubble, and ending with the all-important money shot of dumping another dusty baby on an ambulance gurney for a final photo-op (notice others poking camera their lens in the upper right-hand corner of the frame at the end) in a near repeat of the infamous staged Omran Daqneesh story in East Aleppo.

It’s all in a day’s work for Hollywood’s Heroes…

Luckily this time, no dead children were used as props, as we’ve seen before in similar interventionist propaganda productions.

Later, in the Reuters written report comes the popular scripted western media narrative – which claims that Assad and the Russians are constantly on the prowl looking for more hospital targets to bomb:

“A hospital was hit in Maarat al Numan, witnesses and residents said, and at least five people were feared killed in another attack that damaged a residential building in Kafr Nubl.”

What Reuters will never mention is how terrorists groups in Syria (with whom the White Helmets are an adjunct) have a record of intentionally occupying hospitals and schools for their base of operations, for obvious strategic reasons – a fact known to anyone who has reported in Syria, but ignored by the western media.

Another clue this Reuters/NBC News story is likely to have been scripted under the auspices of US intelligence, the State Dept, or the Pentagon – is the blatant injection of the “Sunni vs Shi’ite” sectarian narrative, again to falsely frame the conflict as a religious-based sectarian “Civil War”:

“The Syrian army and its Iranian Shiite militias allies made a string of gains in the last week after capturing a major air base that brought them just 7.5 miles from Saraqeb, the first heavily populated city in Idlib within their reach.”

The sectarian narrative is useful for western audiences who are generally bedazzled by complex regional proxy wars, and will normally latch-on to an easy, out-of-the-box neocolonial binary narrative, like Sunni vs. Shi’ite (Shia), and where the US, UK, Saudi Arabia, Israel will be opposing the Shi’ite factions while backing the Sunni militant factions who are meant to categorically oppose enemies Syria, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.

NBC’s scripted propaganda continues, with even more stunning omissions and disinformation designed to mislead western audiences:

“Syrians have poured into Idlib at an accelerating rate over the last two years, forced to abandon their homes in other parts of Syria that the government and its foreign military allies have recaptured from rebels.”

What they fail to mention is that TERRORISTS and their families have been flooding into Idlib over the last two years, which has come under the de facto control of al Qaeda affiliate Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) aka the Liberation of the Levant Organisation, which is effectively a re-branding of Jabat al Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria), making Syria’s Idlib province a second “Islamic State” – only this Islamic State is being openly favoured by the US, UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the anti-Syria axis block.

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The Reuters written report ends with the usual scripted call to action to the international community, which could come in the form of a No Fly Zone, or a ‘humanitarian corridor’ – which in the past have been used by the US and NATO member states as a rat-line to re-supply terrorist groups.

“The United Nations and aid workers have warned of a humanitarian catastrophe if the fighting nears the province’s most heavily populated areas, where some two to three million people live.”

Last week, we saw more impressive videos produced by the White Helmets, depicting a “chemical attack” in East Ghouta – claiming that the Syrian Government, commonly referred to as the “Assad regime”, dropped ‘chlorine bombs’ on civilians there.

Here is the official White Helmets video production:

Whatever this is – a completely staged video, or worse – using civilians as guinea pigs in some makeshift chemical event, this video it smacks of the same theatrics, only this time the group seem to have acquired some new professional-looking props, like foam spray guns, although still relying on the vintage garden hose to spray its victims for its ‘decontamination’ shot. White Helmets can also be seen gently rubbing the male victims on their backs, while wearing paper surgeons masks alongside others helpers who aren’t wearing any masks – and while none of the victims are really exhibiting any real symptoms of a chlorine gas attack. Granted, maybe they didn’t rehearse enough for this sketch, or is wasn’t covered during White Helmet founder James Le Mesurier’s advanced ‘civil defense’ course at their training and film academy studio lot located in Gaziantep, Turkey.

Oddly, the White Helmets generally have no females taking part their productions, as the only ‘survivors’ are either very young children (post-bombing films), and men (chemical attack films). Maybe they will strive to be more inclusive in future.

With Syria all but having won the war, and with most areas in the country liberated from terrorist occupiers, the Western media outlets still hope they can reverse their faltering ‘regime change’ fortunes by continuing to circulate White Helmet videos claiming that Assad is somehow acting-out a bizarre national death wish by launching chemical weapons at civilians. It’s really getting ridiculous by now.

No matter how many video productions they feed CNN, NBC and the other western media outlets on their PR distribution list, it will not change the fact that the White Helmets are a fraudulent construct and terrorist affiliates – a fraud that’s being repeated used in order to sell increased interventions and to validate the current illegal military occupation of Syria by the US.

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