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Damascus International Fair “Signifies Victory for Syria Against US Imperialism”

Damascus. Souk al Hamidiye. August 2017 (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Syria Times

The return of Damascus International Fair and the notable international turn out for the fair has a great meaning as it is a message declaring the end  of war in Syria, the defeat of terrorism and the beginning of reconstruction, Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, the Presidential Political and Media Advisor has underscored.

In an interview with “al-Mayadeen TV” at the Fair ground On Thursday, Shaaban said that Damascus International Fair and the Book Fair stress that a turning point was achieved. She said that she was optimistic that the determination, which the Syrians enjoy, will lead to a great political, economic development project of which generations will be proud.

Regarding the Lebanese ministers’ visit to Syria and their participation in the fair, Shaaban said that mutual visits must be a normal thing between the Syrians and the Lebanese, because the two countries are linked to each other by history, geography and common interests, stressing that it is normal to have strong and warm relations.

Commenting on remarks by UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura that September will witness turning points in the crisis in Syria, Shaaban said the turning point has already been achieved and was imposed by the gains of the Syrian Arab army and its allies since the liberation of Aleppo from terrorism. She pointed out that the political results that may be achieved within the coming two months can be represented in reconsidering the stances of some countries after Syria has kept steadfast and the Syrian army has defeated terrorism.

She went on to say that the shift  in the stances of some oppositions was due to the regional and international changes based on developments in the battlefield. It is a sign that the last stage of the war has begun.

She affirmed that war on Syria has changed the world which is witnessing the retreat of the west’s power and hegemony on the one hand and the rise of Russia, China, India, Brazil and Iran on the other, regretting the absence of Arab integration.

Regarding the daily crimes by the US-led Coalition against civilians in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, Shaaban said there is an American attempt to displace the people in order to find a ground for division and for the so-called “federalism” in Syria, stressing that the American presence in Syria is illegal plus the Syrian people are united and the US won’t be able to impose federalism or division.

“As we defeated terrorism we will fight any illegal presence on our land be it the United States or Turkey..this is one of the challenges we are going to face on time and in the suitable way,” Shaaban said, noting that the US decision to stop funding the opposition and to enhance coordination with Russia on the de-escalation zones aims at finding an end to the war imposed on Syria.

Shaaban pointed out that dialogue continues for establishing a fourth de-escalation zone in Idleb despite difficulties due to the huge number of Turkish-backed terrorists there., reiterating that Syria absolutely rejects Turkey’s attempt to legalize its presence in Syria by proving that it is one of the three guarantors in Astana process.

Shaaban stressed that Syria seeks good ties with all Arab countries despite the pain some of these countries have caused to Syria, because “we have a common destiny.”


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