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COINTEL PRO: Are ‘Anti-Fascist’ Media Personalities Playing to the Cameras?

21st Century Wire says…

In this age of hyper-politicized mass media, it’s becoming harder to differentiate between those who are acting for the cameras, and genuine political protesters. Considering the FBI’s own documented history of infiltrating left-wing activists groups in America, is it possible we are witness to some staged performances again?

Fox New’s Tucker Carlson interviews Yvette Felarca, a self-described “middle school teacher” from Berkley and leader of the radical socialist ‘Anti-Fascist’ flash mob mobilization organization known as “By Any Means Necessary” or BAMN. In this interview, Felarca can be seen openly advocating for physical violence against anyone, or any speech, whom she or her activist group deems as a “fascist.”  Earlier this month, Felarca was one of the media faces of the UC Berkeley unrest which sprung up over an event hosted by gay conservative personality Milo Yiannopoulos. According to Felarca, ‘Alt-Right’ speaker Yiannopoulos “should not be allowed to speak in public.”

Watch her adroit, and intense performance from last night here:

It’s also been revealed how some of the main activist groups organizing the Berkeley protest (which turned into riots) just happened to be funded by George Soros NGOs.

Yvette Felarca first gained media exposure after previously leading an alleged counter-protest against a “Fascist Rally” at what was branded by the mainstream media as the “Battle of Sacramento” in July 2016.  On its face, this protest looked very much a staged media event, perfectly scheduled ahead of time, and with activist actor Felarca playing the part of agent provocateur for the cameras. At the Sacramento event, supposed protesters on both sides were holding what appeared to be light weight wooden props, apparently meant to be fighting sticks. Felarca’s leftist group were wearing face masks and balaclavas to conceal their identities, another strong indication that these are not real protesters, and could very well be ‘activist’ actors playing for the cameras. What is perhaps the biggest give-away of the staged performance was the fact that the scores of police who were on site just stood back while what appeared to be violence and heavy fighting broke out, allowing it to carry on for quite some time – which means that either they were not actually policing but supervising, or they were there as part of the backdrop for the media. It was a bizarre scene to say the least. Certainly, FBI programs like COINTELPRO which began in 1956, come to mind here.

Watch the following montage of this media event:

We can see Felarca again, giving an iconic, politically charged interview in Sacramento – complete with the bandage on the head, but clearly she is in no pain at all, while playing to the cameras openly calling for mass mobilization of violence across state lines, which itself is in violation of federal law – further indicating that federal agents are allowing Felarca to carry on with the act, perhaps as part of a long-term operation designed to attract both radical left and right participants and then monitor them over a long period of time. This is exactly the practice of the FBI in the past, using confidential informants on both sides – with the FBI informants or handlers being at the very top of the said ‘activist’ organizations. Here, Felarca is calling for “militant integrated direct action” and organized violence to “shut down” right-wing demonstrations in America.

Watch what appears to be a well rehearsed, albeit overly dramatic, and borderline sociopathic TV performance here:

Although FBI involvement steering Rightwing extremist groups tends to grab most of the headlines, as was the case with the agency’s alleged involvement in the Oklahoma City Bombings – it’s important to note that the FBI have traditionally targeted and infiltrated mostly Leftwing political groups in America:

“Despite the comparatively small size of both the CP and the American SWP by the late 1950s and early 1960s, their members’ implantation in industrial workplaces, independent electoral campaigns, desegregation, and antiwar activities, as well as the bureau’s fanatical obsession with “communism,” made them targets. New Left activists who were not only hampering the ability of the U.S. to fight in Vietnam, but also challenging ideological assumptions about women’s roles, sexuality, and segregation garnered attention and harassment by the state as well. But the most disruptive and violent COINTELPRO operations in the period from the late 1960s into the mid-1970s were directed against the Black and Native American struggles.

It was a general rule throughout the 1960s, that local police departments would devote at least 1 percent of their resources to surveillance and infiltration.13 These local agents, acting in cahoots with the feds, read the left-wing press and became familiar with the fact that organized leftists were involved in liberal and pacifist groups and that individuals were often radicalized by these ideas as well as by their own experiences of struggle.”

Media Lightning Rods

As far as the FBI are concerned, traditionally their justification for managing ‘radical’ rightwing persons as is with the FBI’s PATCON program, or leftwing personalities as confidential informants as with the Weather Underground and other groups – has always been that these colorful personalities were effective in attracting or recruiting “the worst of the worst” and therefore by attracting the most radical activists, the FBI would then be able to ensnare them in a sting operation in order to root out what the agency sees as potential threats by “taking this dangerous person off the street” or to “avert a future domestic terrorist incident.” This is also the same rationale applied to the use of informants to stir-up radical activity in Islamic mosques, and to entrap and convict “future terrorists” in the US.

Certainly, Felarca plays a very unique dual protagonist-antagonist role in this very public political drama – as a recruitment tool for the radical left into her political front organization, but also as a media object of scorn for the Alt Right and for conservative media outlets like FOX and others. Hers is an active role in increasing political tension and polarization in the US. In this tenuous post-election environment, her scathing rhetoric  calls for violence will appeal the most extreme leftwing activists, while simultaneously giving some media (mainstream cultural) legitimacy to the most radical elements of the extreme left.

Here agitator Felarca is allowed to start a physical fight which led to men kicking someone on the ground, and then police seem to recognize her before allowing her to leave the scene quietly:

Here is some additional footage from the UC Berkley protest, where Felarca is inciting leftist mob violence seemingly justified on the basis accusations that Trump and Yiannopoulos supports have committed “rape” and “mass murder” – clearly a well rehearsed script, again, with Felarca playing the archetypal agent provocateur. Watch:

See additional information on the founding of COINTELPRO here.




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