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MUNICH ‘TERROR’: Immanuel Goldstein Strikes AGAIN?

picJay Dyer
21st Century Wire

You know the DRILL. Once again, giant drills and implausible and scripted scenarios are crafted to terrorize the socialized masses – all with the same patterns Orwell’s 1984 demonstrated in regard to a global, stage-managed “war on terror.”

We’re told that 9 people are dead and that the 18 year old German-Iranian shooter committed suicide. So far, no specific ‘terrorist’ or political organization has claimed responsibility for the event and therefore, no motive is being discussed yet – but the media and some political have already crafting a ‘migrant crisis’ narrative for this event.

Incredibly, various media reports range from the shooter being a jihadist because a ‘witness’ claimed he shouted the standard “Allahu Akbar”, while others claim he shouted ‘anti-foreigner’ and anti-migrant expletives. Which is it?

This event is also timed with the five-year anniversary of the Anders Breivik massacre in Norway.

This Munich Attack, along with other recent events, are strikingly similar to Operation GLADIO and Brabant Massacres in the 1980’s, but with a much more intense and coordinated global media coverage.

What exactly are we looking at here?

For the audio analysis on this story, listen here:

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Jay Dyer is the author of the forthcoming title, Esoteric Hollywood: Sex, Cults and Symbols in Film from Trine Day.  Focusing on film, philosophy, geopolitics and all things esoteric, JaysAnalysis and his podcast, “Esoteric Hollywood,” investigates the deeper meanings between the headlines, exploring the hidden aspects of our sinister synthetic mass media matrix.



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