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UPDATES: Post-Coup in Turkey – Erdogan’s Revenge


Erdogan AKP supporters and Muslim Brotherhood lynch Turkish military. Photo ~ Twitter

21st Century Wire says…

The coup in Turkey is over, as quickly as it flared up and as drammatically as it exploded onto our news feeds it has now subsided but what comes next is chilling.  Erdogan’s AKP supporters and the Muslim Brotherhood followers, who were being summoned onto the streets by the Imams as the call for prayer resounded across Istanbul and Ankara, are now turning on the military and civilian dissidents. Reports of lynchings and even beheadings are now shockingly prevalent particularly on Twitter that has been real-time reporting on events as they unfold.

“Graphic pictures have been shared on social media allegedly showing the beheading of a Turkish soldier following an attempted coup.

The pictures show the man’s body on one of the bridges crossing the Bosphorus river in Istanbul, after he was allegedly beheaded by supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

The soldiers, who had blocked the bridge throughout the coup, surrendered earlier on Saturday.” ~ The Independent

HOW COUP BEGAN HERE: UPDATES: Turkey’s Military Coup – Erdogan Takes Cover, Then Returns

21st Century Wire says…

Erdogan’s followers have designated an Alevi commander, Colonel Muharrem Kose as head of the uprising.  Fears mount that this may lead to the ethnic cleansing of yet another minority in Turkey.  The Alevis are a minority Islamic sect whose adherents are followers of Ali and the twelve imams in Islam which brings them into proximity to the Shia Muslim beliefs who of course are feared and loathed by the Saudi wahhabi sects funding terrorism in Syria and Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood who are the majority Sunni Islam faction in Turkey.

UPDATE – 15.00 UK Time:

  • At least 161 people died and another 1,440 people were injured across the country.
  • Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said at a press conference Saturday the situation was under control
  • A total of 2,839 military officers have been detained, a source in the President’s office said.

CNN once more warning us of the risk from ISIS operatives escaping Syria into Turkey and Europe. Is it according to US Coalition plans, or not?

“CNN global affairs analyst Kimberley Dozier says Turkey is one of the key parts of the U.S. and coalition campaign formed to fight against ISIS. She says the coalition need Turkey to stabilize and seal up the border so that ISIS can’t get in new foreign fighters to replenish their numbers.She said: “U.S. military officials tell me they (ISIS) have been trying to get out of the area of Manbij — that is a city that is under siege right near the Turkish border by U.S.-backed Syrian rebels.

“It has been serving as a transit point for ISIS fighters – a call center to raise funds and bring in new recruits. The fact that the transit center is there tells you that there is a wider network inside Turkey of ISIS fighters, ISIS supporters.”

Dozier continued that with the coup attempt overnight, Turkish intelligence services will be more focused on finding more coup plotters rather than on tracking down these ISIS supporters who may have slipped across the border

“And that is a bad thing for the U.S. coalition’s plans,” Dozier said.”

Further news from inside Turkey reveals that arrest warrants were issued for 140 members of the Supreme Court of Appeals:

The Greek government says a Turkish Blackhawk helicopter will be returned to Turkey “as soon as possible” but it will examine the asylum demand made by eight Turkish military personnel who were arrested after landing ~ AP reports.

Just released footage – dramatic moment when the coup airforce bombed the Turkish parliament:


UPDATE – 16.00 UK Time:

Turkish authorities impose lock-down at Incirlik Airbase, in the southern Turkey provinces, which is used as a US coalition airbase in their so-called fight against ISIS in Syria. Movement on and off the base is prohibited and the electric power has been turned off according to the US Consulate

“Gen. Bekir Ercan, Adana İncirlik 10th Adana Tanker Base Commander, was among those who were arrested.” ~ Hurriyet

Obama is reported to be convening the national security team as the backlash against the failed coup rocks Turkey.

“The United States will obviously be supportive of any legitimate investigative efforts and under due process and within the law we will be completely supportive of efforts to assist the government of Turkey if they so request.” ~ John Kerry

21st Century Wire says…

The western media are busy spinning and re-spinning the post coup narrative now: We’re told that a coup in Turkey is ‘non-democratic’, but that be-headings, lynchings, mass detention, torture and abuse of protestors is to be supported as ‘legitimate reprisals’, while in Syria we see an complete inversion of this narrative – where the US-led Coalition has been supporting an armed coup for the last 5 years while still condemning the Syrian government and the country’s Army for defending its country against an invasion of foreign mercenaries armed, funded and equipped by NATO and its Gulf State allies.  How much more abject hypocrisy can you have?

UPDATE – 18.00 UK Time:

Bahar Kimyongur speaks to French media, L’Echo:

“The coup appears to have been a speculative venture by a number of officers awaiting prosecution. Those who took part seem to have only been partly informed of the plans. Certain military who were arrested claim they were not keep abreast of the objectives or of their participation in a coup. They had received orders to block specific points, bridges and official buildings as part of an “anti-terrorist” drill. Its possible that certain solidiers have been manipulated and were not fully aware of the entire operation or that it involved a junta which was completely divorced from the population”

AFP Newsgraphic:

Back to the US professed support for Democracy in Turkey, lets have a look at that Democracy in action, also bearing in mind comments from Bahar Kimyongur and others that many of the soldiers were unwitting participants.  Little democratic quarter being given by these AKP supporters and Muslim Brotherhood henchmen?


We must ask the question, is it normal for civilians to turn on their Army like this? Are these lynchings being carried out by Turkish citizens or hardline AKP operatives, Muslim Brotherhood thugs and ISIS terrorist elements known to have been nurtured inside Turkey? Are we seeing the descent of Turkey into the abyss of Islamo-fascist rule driven to the brink by a bloodthirsty Sultan of savagery?

Here is some very clear video footage of soldiers surrendering to the AKP supporters and civilians on the Bosphorous Bridge, Istanbul Was this just before they were lynched? Watch:

While 21st Century Wire cannot vouch for the authenticity of the document in the Tweet below, we feel it is worth sharing as it supports one of the most logical theories behind this bizarre attempted coup and its failure.  Was the CIA involved in orchestrating yet another coup in a prey nation? Was the US rapping Turkey’s knuckles for their rogue agenda and inclusion of Russian and Syrian interests in their foreign policies?

Was the US preparing the ground for another sectarian “civil war” and dragging Turkey into a greater morass of chaos and violence?

Certainly this operation has many of the hallmarks of CIA meddling in foreign affairs.

As Bahar Kimyongur says in his interview with L’Echo:

“It was as if the operation was lost before it even started [as if it was meant to fail..21st Century Wire interpretation]”


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