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Was Einstein Right? Scientists Discover Gravitational Waves, Could ‘Pave Way to Time Travel’

21st Century Wire says…

A new era for scientific discovery has begun.

Watch a video of this report here:

Scientists at Washington’s National Science Foundation have confirmed the discovery of Albert Einstein’s theorized gravitational waves. It could possibly be the biggest finding in physics in a century, and the key to a new understanding of the universe.

LIGO laboratory executive director David Reitze announced in Washington:

Ladies and gentlemen! We have detected gravitational waves, we did it!,”

These gravitational waves were produced by two colliding black holes, that came together, merged and formed a single black hole about 1.3 billion years ago,”

According to Einstein’s theory, published in 1916, the universe is made up of a “fabric of spacetime“: massive accelerating objects in the universe are believed to bend this fabric, causing ripples known as gravitational waves.

The ability to analyze the information carried on gravitational waves could potentially provide more insight into the Big Bang and other violent events in the history of the Universe, help to explore if other universes exist, see what is inside Black Holes and even potentially pave the way for time travel.

Scientists believe the discovery could lead to the creation of a new chapter in physics called Quantum Gravity, which will bring together the knowledge in Einstein’s theory and wave mechanics.

What kind of futuristic technology might now only be just around the corner?

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