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Madrid Declares War: Catalonia Head Charged With ‘Abuse of Power’ For Calling Independence Referendum

21st Century Wire says…

“Spain is a failed state,” said the new left-leaning independence movement in Catalonia.

Last week, the pro-Independence coalition led by Artur Mas hoped to turn the ballot on September 27th was a de facto referendum on independence. It worked. The results were clear – an overwhelming majority. Then came the fall-out…

By launching the region’s most ambitious move yet, however, has attracted the attention of the powers that be in Madrid and in Brussels – where banking elites are determined to crush the revolt in Catalan and get back to business as usual: more debt, more unemployment and lower standards of living for Spaniards. The Establishment has already been leveling a long list of threats against the people of Catalan.

It’s all-out political warfare now, and the Catalonia leader is now officially in the firing line…


The head of the regional government in Catalonia has been indicted for unconstitutionally calling a referendum on independence from Spain last year.

This comes just two days after his party and other secessionist forces won a regional election.

Preview Recently, Artur Mas has promised his fellow Catalans that if pro-independence parties secured the majority in the regional parliament, independence from Spain would be a done deal.

And so, on Sunday, the foundation of that promise was attained: absolute majority was secured, although, the parties only won 48 percent of the vote.

Despite the gains, Mas now has been summoned by Catalonia’s Supreme Court (TSJC) for pushing through a non-binding referendum last November, even after Spain’s Constitutional Court explicitly forbade him doing so.

He faces preliminary charges of disobedience, abuse of authority and usurping authority and will have to appear in court in October.

As it becomes more evident that Catalonia wants independence, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has once again repeated that he will not discuss “the unity of Spain.” With a general election coming up in December, he has ruled out any possibility of a referendum on the issue.

Meanwhile, Rajoy’s own People’s Party is getting historically low numbers in the Catalan election – the lowest in 20 years. Experts believe this to be directly related to the continued blocking of Barcelona’s independence referendum.

The Catalan Government said in a statement that it hasn’t “done anything illegal,” according to the Catalan News Agency. It further labeled the court’s decision to indict Mas as “a democratic anomaly” and “a political judgment.”…

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