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Unrest in Jerusalem, West Bank After Jewish Settlers Arson Burns Alive Palestinian Child

21st Century Wire says…

As we reported here yesterday, the IDF began a massive military personnel call-up before the weekend. It appears as if Israel’s agent provocateurs have some advanced knowledge about unrest and a possible conflict in Palestine’s occupied territories. 

The last few days has seen one Palestinian baby burned alive by violent Jewish settlers in an apparent openly racist Jewish ‘price tag’ revenge killing, and two other Palestinians boys shot and killed by IDF snipers.

Violent Jewish settlers attacking native Palestinians is nothing new for Israel. Al-Monitor states, “Between 2005 and 2014, only 7.4% of the investigations ended in an indictment against Israelis suspected of hurting Palestinians or damaging their property. Of the files in which a final decision was made, 85.2% were closed due to failures in the police investigation — the vast majority (788) due to investigators’ failure to locate the offenders or to collect sufficient evidence to try them.”

Presently, Israel is literally getting away with murder. An intentional collapse of the “Peace Process” (by design) has enabled an unprecedented culture of state-sponsored violence in Israel. Al-Monitor explains, “As long as there has been a peace process underway, Israel has enjoyed a forgiving attitude on the part of the international community when it ignores settler abuse of Palestinians.”

Watch, as clashes take place in Hebron today:

Last summer, Israelis gathered to celebrate the massacre of Palestinians by the IDF sparked international condemnation. Some even called it a “cull” in Gaza by Israel.

Are Israel’s hard-right leaders eager for another ‘operation’ this summer?


A deadly arson by suspected Jewish attackers in a Palestinian West Bank village, which killed an 18-month-old Palestinian child and injured his brother and parents, has sparked a wave of violent anti-Israel protests in Jerusalem and West Bank.

Laith Fadel al-Khaladi, 17, was reportedly shot in the chest by an Israeli sniper near Bir Zeit, north of Ramallah in the central West Bank. The teen later died from his injuries at a hospital, the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency quoted medical sources as saying.

Al-Khaladi is said to have been shot during anti-Israeli protests in the area, sparked by the deadly “price tag” attack in Kafr Duma.

Six other Palestinians were injured in clashes erupting during arson-related protests in the West Bank and Jerusalem on Friday, Haaretz reported.

One Palestinian was shot in the leg during protests in the West Bank city of Hebron; four others were wounded after police resorted to tear gas and rubber bullets against about 30 stone-throwers in the city of Halhul. One more Palestinian was injured with a rubber bullet in Kfar Kadum.

Another 17 year old shot dead on Gaza border

Earlier in the day, another Palestinian teen, 17-year-old Mohammed Hamed al-Masri, was fired upon by Israeli forces in north Gaza. He sustained gunshot wounds to the upper body and later died at a hospital.

Masri had approached the border fence west of the Beit Lahia area along with other Palestinian youths to join the protests of the deadly arson attack, Haaretz cited Palestinian sources as saying. One other person was wounded in the shooting, receiving non-life threatening injuries, a Palestinian medical official told AFP, a French news service.

According to an Israeli army spokeswoman: “Two suspects approached the security fence of the northern Gaza Strip.” One of the figures ignored an order to halt, prompting warning shots to be fired, she told AFP, adding “the force fired toward the lower extremities of a suspect.”

Jerusalem witnessed firebombs and stone throwing with one Israeli officer wounded. Gunshots were reported not far from Kochav Hashahar, north of Jerusalem, but with no resulting injuries.

Meanwhile, Israeli settlers were targeted by Palestinians in the southern Hebron Hills community of Beit Hagai, the Jerusalem Post reports.

Dozens were evacuated because of a brush fire allegedly started by Palestinians.  Thirty people received medical treatment for smoke inhalation.

“Every Israeli is now a legitimate target,” Hamas said earlier on Friday calling for “day of rage” in response to the Palestinian toddler’s killing. Suspected Jewish extremists threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of a Palestinian home in the village of Kafr Duma near the West Bank city of Nablus in the early hours of Friday. Eighteen-month-old Ali Saad Dawabsha was killed, and his brother and parents were seriously injured in the resulting blaze.

Hundreds of people gathered for the child’s funeral on Friday…

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