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Israel Preparing For War? IDF Calls Up Hundreds of Thousands For Drills

21st Century Wire says…

Is something big on the horizon?

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Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are being called up on extremely short notice by the IDF to participate in emergency readiness drills.

An IDF source has said: ‘We want to ensure that the system is well-oiled and working.’

The Israeli Navy and Air Force are also participating in the drills and are looking to test emergency intelligence gathering for purpose of conducting air strikes. Perhaps Iran is the would-be target.

Ready for war? (Photo Credit: IDF)

The drills are expected to also cause major disruption in certain public areas, which is why many Israeli citizens are now expressing outrage against the continued militarism.

Wildfires and other forms of ecological damage are said to be caused by the drilling that the IDF conducts. Israel’s National Parks Authority says 60 fires have been caused by drills since April this year.

The most advanced SA’AR 5 corvette in the Israeli navy. (Photo Credit: Ilan Rom)

Moreover, the Israeli Environmental Protection Ministry has accused the IDF of being the country’s number one polluter. A representative for the ministry said ‘The IDF today is the biggest environmental wrongdoer in Israel.’

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IDF calling up hundreds of thousands for emergency-readiness war drills


Large-scale military drills have been launched in Israel with the aim of testing the IDF’s readiness to go into emergency mode.

Hundreds of thousands of reserve soldiers are involved in testing the system.

They will all be receiving a telephone call to confirm everything is in working order, according to the General Staff’s plan for the drills, set to last for three days.

Thousands of others will be summoned to bases on short notice, according to the Jerusalem Post. An IDF source told the newspaper that this is “one of the largest telephone call-ups we’ve had in an exercise.”

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