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Greece: Is The Euro A Failure?

21st Century Wire says…

Negotiations are heating up in Greece, and a variety of outcomes are on the table.

In this episode of Crosstalk, Peter Lavelle and guests discuss the debt situation in Greece. They explore the myriad of potential outcomes for the country, along with what should have been done, and, what might be done in the future.

Many are seeing the very institution of democracy itself as under attack in Greece, as the West truly fears the country aligning itself with the BRICS.

Syriza’s victory in the elections earlier this year meant for a strong anti-austerity turn, leaving pro-austerity leaders, like Britain’s Cameron, worrying for their own future.

Greece has been seen as such a threat to the international status-quo that the entire nation has even been painted as a hub for terrorism! Hmmm, where have we heard that one before?

Watch the debate here:

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