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(VIDEO) Ukraine and The Rise of Fascism and NeoNazism in Europe

21st Century Wire says…

ODESSA MASSACRE: Kiev NeoNazis burning victims alive inside Trade Union building last year.

This week marks the one year anniversary of the brutal Odessa Massacre. One year on, and still there are no answers and no justice.

They marched though the streets, carrying torches on their way to burn a building, while chanting, “Hail the Nation, Death to Enemies.”

It sounds just like something from one of Goebbels’s old Nuremberg ‘motivational’ movies, or a Nazi propaganda film. That may be closer to the truth than many realize.

Instead of ‘Brown Shirts’, Ukraine’s neofascist vanguard known as the Right Sector, deploys their own foot soldiers on to their city streets, which might better be described as as “yellow shirts” (similar to gangs of football hooligans), sent out in public to intimidate normal citizens trying to go about their daily lives – riding to work, or heading home on public transport. In the video below, you will see them in action.

It is shocking to think that Fascism is on the rise in Europe, thanks mostly to the violent US-backed coup in Kiev which took place in February 2014.

Now the US are providing arms and military training to these paramilitary extremist groups, with regular Ukrainian military forces also armed and trained by the US.

The embodiment of this violent fascist and Neo-Nazi movement is the Massacre at Odessa, where 40 anti-fascist activists were barricaded inside the Trade Union building in Odessa before Fascist mobs burned the building, cause those trapped inside to jump from the upper floors of buildings. What is most savage about this horrific Kiev-sanctioned attack was that after survivors had jumped from the burning building, Fascists and NeoNazis then enthusiastically finished them off by beating their limp bodies with sticks and clubs. Other Maidan pro-fascists were shooting at survivors as they prepared to jump from windows.

Neo-Nazis cheered and laughed as they jumped from the building.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We must warn our readers that this video contains strong and very disturbing images, including video footage of those burnt alive inside the building. Our intention in showing this video is not to sensationalize these events, but rather to raise awareness about these events – some of the most brutal displays of violent fascism in modern times. The hope is that citizens who reside in NATO-allied countries may better understand exactly to whom their governments are providing military support. There should be no confusion on this issue – this is who Washington, London and others have been backing throughout the civil war in Ukraine. Watch:

Odessa Massacre Explained:

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