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Synthetic Cannabinoid ‘Spice’, NOT Ebola, Killed Ft. Hood Soldier

21st Century Wire says…

Another American Ebola hoax story was finally put to rest this week.

As 21WIRE said during last year’s Ebola media scare – there was no ‘Ebola pandemic’ in the US in 2014. Still, that did not stop the fear merchants from going wild again, this time with the unfortunate death of Spc. Kendrick Vernell Sneed.

Back in January 2015, the fear-loving factions in both the lunatic mainstream and neo-tabloid alternative media pounced on the Sneed story in the hope that it just might be that big American Ebola outbreak they had been obsessing with (and promising) since the late Thomas Eric Duncan arrived on US shores from Liberia back in August.

No, it’s not Ebola. Turns out to be a likely drug overdose…

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 6.40.33 PM
Spc. Kendrick Vernell Sneed (Image: RT)


It was not Ebola that killed a US soldier self-monitoring for the disease, but “synthetic cannabinoid intoxication” from Spice, his autopsy found. He had just returned to Texas from West Africa when was found dead in the yard of an apartment complex.

Spc. Kendrick Vernell Sneed, 24, was one of 87 troops who had returned to central Texas’ Fort Hood in early January after serving in Liberia since October. They were assisting with building medical centers and training local healthcare workers.

Sneed was granted emergency leave from the 21-day Ebola quarantine for family reasons. Instead, he was monitoring himself twice daily and reporting his status to medical officials when he was found dead lying face down outside his apartment complex in Killeen, Texas.

The Department of Defense Armed Forces medical examiner’s office performed the autopsy, according to police.

Sneed was found with a lighter in his hand, and a pack of a substance suspected to be Spice was found near his body, the medical examiner’s report said.

Both the autopsy and previous tests performed just after his death were negative for Ebola.

Synthetic cannabinoids ‒ commonly known as K2 or Spice ‒ are chemical compounds that mimic the effects of marijuana. Synthetic marijuana products have been illegal in Texas since 2011, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services…

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