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PSYWAR: ISIS ‘Abductions’ Propagandized by Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

The latest kidnapping tales of ISIS originate from one primary source – the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an organization heavily funded by the EU…

Reports have rushed in over the past few days regarding the masked Sunni militants known as ISIS, as the EU funded UK-based activist group, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights , has been dispensing reports that some 220 Assyrian Christians were abducted from 11 villages in Tal Tamir countryside in al-Hasakah, Syria by the black-clad, ninja boogeymen.

This story arrives after reports involving apparent Kurdish Peshmerga fighters said to have been held captive in cages (see photos below).

The Syrian Observatory ‘Looking Glass’

The ISIS ‘abduction’ reports are reaching a critical mass and could be viewed as ploy to push the West further into more of an overt war campaign in Iraq and the decidedly ‘uncivil’ war in Syria. One such group involved in the ISIS story line is The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). The apparent ‘human rights’ group has had a controversial background as pointed out below.

Rami Abdul Rahman working ‘hand in hand’ with the British government.

In the 2013 article entitled, Pro-Democracy Terrorism: The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a Propaganda Front funded by the EU,” global researcher and writer, Tony Cartalucci, provides a historical context with which to view the latest kidnapping claims of ISIS members:

In reality, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has long ago been exposed as an absurd propaganda front operated by Rami Abdul Rahman out of his house in England’s countryside. According to a December 2011 Reuters article titled, “Coventry – an unlikely home to prominent Syria activist,” Abdul Rahman admits he is a member of the so-called “Syrian opposition” and seeks the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad:


“After three short spells in prison in Syria for pro-democracy activism, Abdulrahman came to Britain in 2000 fearing a longer, fourth jail term.”

“I came to Britain the day Hafez al-Assad died, and I’ll return when Bashar al-Assad goes,” Abdulrahman said, referring to Bashar’s father and predecessor Hafez, also an autocrat.”

After Cartalucci outlines the controversial links between the so-called Syrian rebels, the West and Rahman (above photo) the recent kidnapping reports in 2015 are put into a broader perspective:

Abdul Rahman is not a “human rights activist.” He is a paid propagandist. He is no different than the troupe of unsavory, willful liars and traitors provided refuge in Washington and London during the Iraq war and the West’s more recent debauchery in Libya, for the sole purpose of supplying Western governments with a constant din of propaganda and intentionally falsified intelligence reports designed specifically to justify the West’s hegemonic designs.”

Abdul Rahman’s contemporaries include the notorious Iraqi defector Rafid al-Janabi, codename “Curveball,” who now gloats publicly that he invented accusations of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the West’s casus belli for a 10 year war that ultimately cost over a million lives, including thousands of Western troops, and has left Iraq still to this day in shambles. There’s also the lesser known Dr. Sliman Bouchuiguir of Libya, who formed the foundation of the pro-West human rights racket in Benghazi and now openly brags in retrospect that tales of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s atrocities against the Libyan people were likewise invented to give NATO its sought-after impetus to intervene militarily.”

The report also asserts that Rahman’s ‘observatory’ is heavily biased propaganda arm concerning the war in Syria since 2011, as the UN had been seen using the apparently compromised SOHR organization as a main source in determining a need for Western intervention.

One should clearly see the duplicitous actions of Syrian Observatory for Human Rights based on the propaganda they’ve been associated with in the past.

The reality is that SOHR coordinates its efforts with the British Foreign Office, and is a key UK ‘regime change’ agent – waging a PR war to unseat the government of Bashar al Assad in Syria.

Setting the scene 

In a video released on February 21st, said to be entitled Healing the Chest of Those Who Believe,” we once again see men being held in cages similar to that of the allegedly ‘torched’ Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh, with the men wearing the same standard issue Guantanamo Bay-style orange jumpsuits so prevalent in ISIS propaganda. The scene appeared to be purposefully produced to look blurred and grainy, as ISIS members paraded the alleged Kurdish fighters on the back of white Toyota pickups down the streets in front of throngs of onlookers during a flamboyant motorcade.

The new video features 21 captives paraded in cages and is stated as being the “second installment” of captured Kurdish Fighters, with the number of alleged victims matching the number seen in the heavily produced and staged Egyptian executions of last week.

The most recent footage dovetails nicely with another video that purportedly featured 17 Kurdish fighters said to have been paraded through Iraqi province of Kirkuk – as reported by dubious ‘terror watchdog’ SITE located only a few miles from CIA headquarters.

Less than a week ago, Veryan Khan, editorial director of Florida-based Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium concluded that the fakery on display in the orchestrated Egyptian executions revealed that there were, “several technical mistakes in the video that show it was manipulated.”

Prior to experts releasing their conclusion about the recent ISIS video production, 21WIRE outlined many of the film’s irregularities and inconsistencies – proving that the film was indeed heavily orchestrated for maximum effect.

Watch the YouTube clip below and make note the mixture of poorly produced footage with that of slightly enhanced imagery for dramatic effect.

Perhaps the heavy criticism over high production value has the producers of ISIS propaganda shifting gears to make the images appear more believable…

Here are a series of images from the latest propaganda piece produced by an ‘ISIS-related’ media outlet…

IMAGE: ‘Terror TV’ – Another heavily staged abduction by apparent ISIS members. (Photo link alarabiya.net)

IMAGE: ‘Composed Captive’ – An interview apparently conducted by yet another terror presenter. Note the near mint-condition outfits, and perfect hair and the clean shaven ‘prisoner’ actors. (Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

IMAGE: ‘Theatrical Display’ –  Alleged Kurdish fighters seemingly caged and paraded by ISIS. Here is a heavily blurred and distorted scene after many highly produced propaganda videos by the terror group. (Photo link  breitbart.com)

IMAGE: ‘Caged for Effect’ – Light weight-looking, bottomless cages on display which could be tipped over just by pushing them form inside. The edges of the photo have been digitally tampered for a dramatic ‘captured’ effect. (Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

IMAGE:  ‘Dark Forces’ – Purposefully blurred image with digital shadowing as the edges as ISIS men in clean outfits escort allegedly doomed fighters. ( Photo link dailymail.co.uk)

It seems as though every week there is a new ISIS ‘crime drama’ on display for Western audiences, with each new episode pushing the US and its ‘coalition’ partners further into war-theater in Iraq and Syria. Even the over-the-top staged video productions of alleged executions hasn’t totally killed the ISIS narrative, as there’s always a new story ready to go prime time involving the black-clad desperadoesIt’s hard to ignore the recent uptick in perceived ISIS activity, as war profiteers and cyber-privateers have been working in overdrive since early February – pushing the ISIS terror brand on a polarizing 24/7 loop.

Staging a crime 

While it’s not a brand new story by any means, we should still remember the fact that the ISIS beheading videos appeared to have been heavily influenced by the popular Turkish television drama called Kurtlar vadisi: Pusu. The translation of the show’s title, “Valley of the Wolves: Ambush,” foreshadowed the alleged ISIS executions to some degree, as the ISIS videos ‘ambushed’ the perception of the viewer, which first aired sometime in mid September and no doubt was filmed several months before its actual release date.

The section depicting the ISIS-like beheading scene takes course between the 61-62 minute mark of the show, revealing the apparent ‘predictive programming’ preparing the public for what would come. Watch the Turkish TV drama for yourself and note the similarities…

Look for more ISIS related reports here at 21WIRE…

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