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Change? Four BEHEADED After A Week Under New Saudi King Salman

21st Century Wire says…

While the passing of King Abdullah could have been the perfect time for change in Saudi Arabia, change seems far from the agenda.

Last week, numerous heads of state rushed to the Wahabi kingdom to pay homage to the passing of a monarch who presided over a 21st century Medieval, feudal and cultural archipelago in the desert..

We suggested last week that if any state in the Middle East actually needed an ‘Arab Spring‘, then Saudi Arabia would be a prime candidate; primarily due to its horrendous human rights record.

Wasting no time getting thing rolling, new royal head, King Salman, has already presided over at least 4 beheadings since his coronation.

Can we expect any change in Saudi policy, domestically or internationally, before the U.S. has no more use for their oil resources?

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A mock execution protesting Saudi policy.

4 beheaded in Saudi Arabia less than a week into King Salman’s rule

RT News

Four people have been executed in Saudi Arabia less than a week after 79-year-old King Salman assumed power following the death of his 90-year-old predecessor, King Abdullah. Under the strict guidelines of Sharia Law, three people were put to death across the oil-rich kingdom on Tuesday.

The first, Omar bin Yahya bin Ibrahim al-Barkati, was executed for the crime of incest in the southwestern Asir region, the Interior Ministry announced. “He was executed as punishment for his crime and as a lesson to others,” the ministry said in a statement.

The second victim, Yassir bin Hussein al-Hamza, also a Saudi, was executed in northwestern Jawf region for smuggling amphetamine pills, the ministry said.

In a separate case in the city of Mecca, Latif Khan Nurzada, a Pakistani national, was beheaded for smuggling heroin into the kingdom.

Prior to that, on Monday, Saudi Arabia executed Moussa al-Zahrani, a teacher convicted of raping several girls in the city of Jiddah – charges he denied…

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