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EBOLA FRENZY: Air Passenger Wears Hazmat Suit, Ebola-ISIS Theories – America’s Terrordrome

21st Century Wire says…

It was only a question of time before we would begin to see scenes like this – America’s latest Terrordrome…

This passenger (see photo below) in the departing terminal at Dulles International Airport has gone to extra lengths to keep safe from Ebola.

Photo Source: The Daily Caller

As 21WIRE has reported this week, Ebola virus should be taken seriously, but the viral fear, should not. The pathogen is now on the radar of health officials worldwide and screening is already taking place at major air travel hubs globally, but there is is perfect solution to stop it spreading.

Before you join the Ebola frenzy, however, consider a few key points first…

More than any other nation, Americans are well known for exhibitions of extreme over-reaction to perceived threats, while often ignoring genuine ones. Fear of Ebola has propelled public fear frenzy into hyper-drive.

Incredibly (or not), the majority of Americans are now begging the government for increased regulations – and greater restriction on personal travel and movement. Just like in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 with Patriot Act 1 & II, this may eventually lead to certain politicians and members of the public demanding less rights. Downtrend reports this week:

“The numbers show that a total of two-thirds of those polled, 67 percent, want to restrict entry to the US from countries who are currently battling Ebola. Beyond that, 91 percent of people want to see more serious screening procedures implemented in our nation’s airports. Simply having temperature scans at five airports is not going far enough. These numbers include nearly 60 percent of self-identified Democrats who support flight restrictions.”

Another recent Reuters poll is showing that 45% of Americans now want to avoid international air travel.

Clearly, the US corporate media are fueling this mass paranoia and hypochondria, and rating (and advertising revenues) are up as the public crave new information and updates. The award for politicized sensationalism goes to the Right-wing US media outlets who have managed to bundle the Ebola fear frenzy together with this past summer’s ‘secure our border’ crisis, blaming President Obama’s ‘lack of leadership’ for the spread of the outbreak. Granted, the Democratic White House has a number of scandals already on its plate, but to blame Obama for not ‘shutting it down’ over an Ebola threat which is still small compared to other infectious diseases taking many thousands of lives in the US annually – is as careless as it is insane.

PUMPING FEAR: Republican Senate nominee Scott Brown (R-NH) (Photo: Think Progress)

This week, Republican Senate nominee Scott Brown (R-NH) has ranted that Obama’s border policies are so lax that ISIS terrorists who have intentionally infected themselves with Ebola can enter The Homeland, accusing his opponents on this issue as being “naive”. It’s funny how these same politicians will call the alternative media conspiracy theorists, when it’s the mainstream that seem to have a monopoly on wild conjecture and conspiracy theories now.

Brown’s childish conspiracy theory shouldn’t deserve an official rebuttal, yet, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson responded to the wild Ebola-ISIS connection, stating, “We’ve seen no specific credible intelligence that (ISIS) is attempting to use any sort of disease or virus to attack our Homeland”.

So lunatic ravings from men like Scott Brown, and FOX News headlines like, “Time to lock it down”, has little to do with safety and more to do with cheap pre-midterm electioneering to bring home a Republican majority in the US Senate.

And we’re fast learning that idiocy has no limits: Republican Congressmen, and media ‘Experts’ like CNN’s Peter King et all, who are all calling for ‘travel bans’ to and from West Africa’s Ebola countries seem to have no clue that there are already no direct flights between the U.S. and Liberia, Guinea or Sierra Leone.

It’s worth noting also, that a cheap Haz-mat suit couldn’t keep you dry when it rains, let alone stop a Bio-safety Level 4 (BSL-4) pathogen, which is what Ebola is…

It Begins: HazMat-Wearing Passenger Spotted At Airport

Zero Hedge

Last week we hinted at what was to come as Ebola fears spread across America. Today, we get confirmation.

As The Daily Caller reports, one passenger at Dulles International Airport outside Washington, D.C. is apparently not taking any chances. A female passenger dressed in a hazmat suit – complete with a full body gown, mask and gloves – was spotted Wednesday waiting for a flight at the airport.

We particularly liked the JCPenney bag – maybe that’s a new business line for the bankrupt retailer…

On a side note, try Halloween stores if you need a Haz-Mat suit in a hurry…

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