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Indigenous Mayans Ban Monsanto – So Why Can’t the US and Europe Do the Same?

21st Century Wire says…

Even on a corrupt country like Mexico, not everyone is bought and paid for.

Residents of this relatively poor Campeche region of Mexico have kicked out GMO ‘gene giant’ Monsanto Corp, located in the southwestern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula, have a set of cojones which have long since become extinct in the US and Europe.

How did they do it? The Latin American Bureau explains:

“The contemporary Mayan heirs of great millennial civilizations are the pivotal inhabitants of this land and everywhere match the state’s rich biodiversity. The great transnational corporation Monsanto just learned this the hard way. A company fabricated out of thin air; based essentially on bits of paper filed somewhere in a secretary of state office in the U.S. less than a half generation ago; this fictive entity that is now considered a person by the delusional Supremes just found out what it is like to go up against a bunch of deep rooted angry Indians [sic].  Why the anger? Essentially, because Native beekeepers are against the presence of GMOs of any kind in the pollen that bee populations are exposed to.”

CORPORATE SOCK PUPPETS CLUELESS: “What about GMOs? Look, we bought General Motors already.”

Back at home, things are more pathetic by an order of magnitude, where the corruption has been cemented within government institutions through share holding, promises of boardroom positions, perks and other bribes. Washington, London and Brussels have failed to protect the public interest regarding food security and generational health while acting like Banana Republics themselves – only with a lot more bling, more concrete and flexing its corporate media muscle to brainwash its own populations. But ‘relax’ we are told, “We have freedom and democracy, we aren’t corrupt”.

Time to learn a trick from the Mayans who, unlike western legion of nanny-states, have some clue who they are, and what it means to live…

Natural Health Warriors

Mayans of the Campeche Region have just won a two-year legal battle to get rid of Monsanto and their GMO soybeans (suicide beans). Following the ban of GM maize in Mexico, this ancient and agriculturally savvy culture has won a major battle against biotech monopolies around the globe.

The Second District Court ruled in favor of three Mayan communities from the Hopelchén township who dared to take on the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock , Rural Development, Fisheries and Food ( Sagarpa) and the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources ( SEMARNAT).

This means that Saragapa now must make a concerted effort to be sure that no GM soybeans are planted throughout Pachen and Cancabchen communities in Hopelchén. Just two years ago, the same agency allowed Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready GMO soybeans to be planted in the region – infecting more than 253,000 hectares with suicide seeds that cause human infertility and poison the environment.

Seven states were under Monsanto’s reign – free then to plant their GM seeds wherever they liked within those borders, including the municipalities of: Campeche, Hopelchén , Tenabo , Calkiní , Escárcega, Carmen and Palisade.

In just a few of these places, the authorities were angry that the government had given Monsanto authorization, and they decided to fight the ruling. Campeche beekeepers were especially upset since this would affect bee-keeping negatively in the region. They called Monsanto’s influence, ‘pollution of production,’ resulting in loss of income and closing of markets for many bee keepers with international contracts.

After two years of litigation, and arguing that the planting of GM soybeans was in direct opposition of traditional beekeeping practices, AND that it was in violation of their right to a healthy environment – pointing out that increased use of herbicides and deforestation were both outcomes of GM planting – the Mayans won their case. These small indigenous communities have taken on the multi-billion-dollar biotech and Big Ag companies and won. They are an example to us all.

Original Source: naturalsociety.com

Join the next March Against Monsanto on May 24th in your area: http://bit.ly/1gCpTgf

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