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Moon Landings: The Problem With ‘Those Photos’

NOTE: This 21WIRE post is not about any “moon landing hoax”, rather, this post looks at the examination of images which have been presented as part of the Official Moon Landing historic record, and subsequent comparative analysis and theorizing by other media outlets and what these alternative researchers have said about this issue. There are their opinions which we are sharing with you, and clearly we are not saying the Apollo Moon Landings did not happen. As with all historical events, we can can only base the following commentary on official images available to the public, and based on what was reported at the time. Any additional speculation is left to our readers and as always, we encourage people to share their thoughts and additional information in the comment section below.

Fact Fiction Theory
21st Century Wire says…

Put yourself back in 1969, at the height of the Vietnam War, the height of the Cold War and the race wars flaring up across the United States in the late 1960’s.

Who wouldn’t want to believe that the moon landing was anything other than how it was reported via NASA?

That should set the scene…

It was the crowning achievement of mankind.

Yet, according to many alternative researchers, there are problems with many of the official images associated with the moon landing.

The great space mission was launched under a Nixon Administration whose immorality and deceit knew no limits. The race for space supremacy was a heated one. Only a month previous, the USSR had already reached the moon with an unmanned craft.

Was a Nixon government capable of lying to the American people, and to the world? Sadly, history has already confirmed the answer to that question. So what about the Apollo Mission, at a price tag of $500 billion in today’s money? Failure was surely not an option.

MOON HOAX NARRATIVE: OJ Simpson in the Hollywood production ‘Capricorn One’.

Hollywood has taken a stab at the idea of a staged moon landing with the production of Capricorn One, starring O.J. Simpson, looking at the political motivations during the cold war, and looking at how such an event could be staged.

Speculation is also rife as to whether famed iconic film director Stanley Kubrick was in fact hand-picked to produce a Capricorn-style Apollo moon landing for TV audiences. Was Capricorn showbiz insiders’ way of hinting at a Gov’t-Kubrick conspiracy? Because Kubrick is so steeped in Hollywood lore, do not expect this mystery to die anytime soon.

Brasscheck TV says…

“Every Professional Photographers ‘Gets it’…”

This is a very short bit about a topic that can be covered in encyclopedic depth.

Here’s the cut to the chase – and the ultimate bottom line on this story…

Whether or not the astronauts went to the moon or not, there is no way on earth or (on the moon) that the “moon photos” were taken on the moon. It is completely, utterly and incontrovertibly fact of reality. The weird shadows, the strange light artifacts, the impossible lighting are only the tip of the iceberg.

But facts are facts: You can’t take perfectly framed and focused pictures on the moon (or anywhere else) without a viewfinder, without auto-focus, and wearing thick gloves. The world’s greatest photographer could not have pulled this off.

Marcus Allen with famed BBC Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson…

If the sound of BBC stooge Jeremy Clarkson’s voice makes you physically sick, then watch this – a much better, more recent and more detailed interview with UK-based photographic expert and Nexus Magazine UK publisher Marcus Allen with Edge TV host Andy Thomas (worth listening to full interview)…

An oldie but goodie – The Moon Landing Hoax documentary…


And finally, a further analysis and varied opinion of NASA’s photos taken ‘on the moon’…

21st Century Wire Hollywood Files

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