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The Boston Bombing: Another Look at Carlos Arredondo

21st Century Wire says…

In political America, legends and ‘heroes’ are contrived and made strictly for TV. The purpose of these media myths is normally to advance the propaganda narrative de jour…

There are many examples of this in recent years including character/myth creations like Jessica Lynch and Danny Dayem, but none as bombastic as the ‘clown-actor’ known as Carlos Arredondo (photo, above), who played a staring media role in the Boston Bombing live crisis production.

Note: It is our opinion that the producers of the video below have really hammed-up the cartoon-like Latino pastiche to an almost absurd degree (heavily politicized to that end), however, this video carefully combs through a huge amount of visual forensic material from the time just after the explosion, in a step by step look at how the staged scene at last year’s Boston Marathon was managed. It’s damning indictment of events on the day.

In addition to this, the video reveals all of Arredondo’s past public media episodes – chronicling the story of a man who is highly compromised.

After you watch the video below, please revisit our Boston archive link at the bottom. We were lied to

Brasscheck TV

“The media account of Carlos Arredondo at the Boston Marathon is a complete and total lie. This is an excellent demolition of a devious media-promoted lie…

Obviously there is something very, very wrong with the government/media account of this story…”

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue