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‘THE FIX IS IN’: Professional Sports Are Just Another Reality TV Show

21st Century Wire says…

Millions of Americans and other fans worldwide pay good money to watch their favourite teams battle it out, but is it all real?

Turns out that professional wrestling is not the only stage-managed sporting event…

In order of magnitude, these sports have notorious record of match-fixing: Horse Racing, Boxing, Auto Racing, Cricket, American Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. OK, Horse Racing and Boxing – no real surprise there, but what about the rest?

Put your beer can down for one minute. It is not illegal in the US professional leagues to fix their own games. A senior US judge has already made such a ruling (see video below). He said that when you buy a ticket to an NFL game, all you are entitled to “entertainment”. League referees are like symphony conductors, well-paid to make certain which teams will advance in the play-offs and how long certain play-off series will run.

So it’s really just like WWF wrestling. Would you bet on a WWF match? Of course not. So now that you know the truth, would you still then bet on an NFL match?

It’s a money game at the end of the day – regarding how much can the league squeeze out of the fans.

Then there’s very little difference between reality TV and professional sports. Contrived situations, staged-managed for maximum TV ratings and revenue.

Got it? Good. Now go back to your can of beer, and shove a few more hot dogs down your gob while you’re at it…

Brasscheck TV

A US judge has ruled that it is entirely legal and lawful for a league to fix its own games.

The only thing you’re entitled to when you buy a ticket is ‘a game’… not a straight game.

This video was compiled from over 60 interviews with the author Brian Tuohy, author of the book, ‘The Fix Is In: The Showbiz Manipulations of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NASCAR’

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