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The Davos Deception: The Ultimate Philistine Talking Shop is an Abject Failure

PHPatrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Another year is underway and another old chestnut – Davos, has come and gone…

Of all the annual globalist junkets, The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, has become the most ostentatious of all events on the elite social calendar. On top of this, year in and year out, it’s demonstrated its total inability to contribute any real economic wisdom to the world (unless you are above the $50 million net worth baseline).

It’s a little disturbing how Davos, like Bilderberg, has become a venue for deals done by public and political officials – completely outside of the democratic process. Lots of one-on-one meetings in hotel rooms we’re told. And that’s all OK, in the Davos bubble. 

If you happen to live in the Davos bubble – that global village where Wall Street, Google, Warren Buffet and Bono (photo,left) get to rub shoulders and pontificate on stage alongside real-life sex deviants, thieves and war criminals like Dominique Strauss-Khan, Christine Lagarde, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair, and their underwriters like Rupert Murdoch – life couldn’t be any better. Where else could genuine elites find endless legions of wannabe elites, paid and volunteer alike, all more than keen to prostrate themselves at the alter of neoliberal economics and the transhumanist singularity? This is TED on steroids – an essential globalist pilgrimage, where the ‘great and the good’ gather, “to help make the world a better place”.

Royal Court scribes are also in attendance, including Financial Times diarist, Gideon Rachman, whose job it is to promote reverence to the global elite, and even stir up the Eurasian pot, in the case of China and Japan.

In fact, Davos has become so elitist, that other black AMEX card-carrying elites have started to complain about it. The Über class-conscious Mayor of London, Boris Johnson described the event this year as, “a constellation of egos involved in orgies of adulation”. Easy old chap.

This is private members club of the highest order, and it’s not open to anyone. There is also a pecking order at Davos. Firstly, only the filthy rich and very powerful can afford to fly by private jet or helicopter into Davos each winter. Below them are simply the rich. Below them, are business persons who have paid the princely sum of $20,000 for a ticket allowing them ‘access’ to the week’s activities. If you are newsworthy, or a bona fide celebrity then you don’t pay – you just show your free ‘white badge’ for VIP’s and famous faces. Below all of those are the rest – persons who have been sponsored by either their state, a state-funded NGO, or their corporate or charity employers. The rest of the stragglers are staff, volunteers and hand-picked corporate media sporting silly Doctor Zhivago-style furry Russian hats, all pretending to be reporting ‘major announcements’ by the Masters of the Universe.

All in all, the total cost for paying delegates of attending this quaint little Alpine Odyssey comes in at roughly $40,000 per person, not including extracurricular activities. It goes without saying that there’s always lots of snow in Davos.

For volunteers who hope one day to land a job with an international third sector quango, or in the social responsibility department inside of a Wall Street investment bank or major oil company, then Davos looks good on the CV. As it goes, exotic and attractive young females are able to work their way up through this complex pecking order very quickly.

For the true hard-core crowd and VIP attendees, there is a steady stream of receptions, parties, and after-parties happening throughout the week. If you are lucky you will catch any of the following scenes: drunk Zuckerbergs dancing on tables, Bill Clinton doing his impression of Bono in a corner to a crowd of fawning middle-aged women, or Sharon Stone powdering her nose in the en suite.

Above all the sycophantic back-slapping and navel gazing however, is the business of Davos…

One of their mottos is, “Entrepreneurship in the global public interest”, but clearly, the enterprise happening at Davos, happens within the wheels of the globalist government, UN, NGO and foundation-funded gravy trains. Everyone at Davos reads from the same single page Bible of Privatisation also known as ‘public asset-stripping’ – of that you can be 100% sure.

Aside from scoring the odd gram for your PA, there’s are plenty of deals to be had at Davos. Most attendees – delegates and exhibitors, are there to lobby on behalf of someone or something. They are there to sell their latest edgy ‘intelligent’ product or service, suck-up for a lucrative government or UN contract, tax write-off, or sniff out ‘funding for their project’. On top of this are the potential photo-ops alongside top globalists and financial luminaries – these can go a long way to help wannabee globalists move up through the middle tiers, not to mention how well those photos will look on Twitter, in the office, or mounted above the living room liquor cabinet.

One only needs to look at the event’s title, “The World Economic Forum”, to realise that, since meeting every year for the last 26 years (in its present form), the global economy and the wealth gap increased in ways unimaginable 20 years ago. Last week we heard the announcement that the top richest 85 people in the world  (on paper anyway) have more wealth than the poorest 3.5 billion or 50% of the entire world’s population.

So the message is clearer than ever in 2014: as Davos grows in size and stature – so too does the poverty and inequality gap.

And here is where we get to the core of what the Davos deception really is. It is designed to provide cover for a range of collusive activities between government and transnational corporations. Globalist think tanks and their strategies influence the output of World Economic Forum, and so decisions are made and deals are done which empower the sort of unaccountable ‘One World’ Corporate Order that attendees of the Davos cult all appear to subscribe to. These are the foot soldiers of the TransPacific Partnership (TTP) and the TransAtlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). These are the cheerleaders for wholesale theft and the usurpation of sovereign nation states. They shamelessly flaunt these ‘trade deals’ as progress. Indeed, they are progress, but only for corporate masters of the universe and not for the unwashed masses.

Aside from all the cocktail parties, champagne, bankers hitting on chalet girls and CEO’s canoodling with their assistants far away from the wife, there’s also the series of  dirty corporate handshakes that take place behind closed-door each year in Davos. Yes, yes, there is an actual function which Davos performs for its participants and their ‘global village’ as a whole, and it’s a thing called ‘Conscious Laundering’, where hereditary elites and globalist operators can assuage their guilt of being detached from the rest of the population by ‘giving back’ to globalist charities engaged in the expensive business of ‘saving lives’.

For all the high talk of crisis prevention each year, the forum’s great and good have missed every big economic story you can possibly list. The 2008 sub-prime collapse, the 2010 European sovereign debt crisis, the 2013 collapse of Cyprus and the global banking derivatives ponzi-bubble- these are only a few of the subjects which are left out of Après-ski at Davos.

Now that it’s been established that Davos has failed at economics, should it be allowed to get into politics – specifically regime change, and nation-building projects…?

PHOTO: The Davos ‘Syria Refugee Experience’.

This year, Davos offered the ultimate cathartic activity for its thrill-seeking  neoliberals, in what is being called, The Refugee Experience – where actors gave a performance on a fully dressed simulation staging area (next to a ski resort), showing what the war in Syria is like for Davos VIPs who were not prepared to travel to the Middle East themselves. The sound of gun fire, soldier actors telling VIP’s to duck down and of course, crying mothers and babies – to give that authentic ‘war/refugee’ experience. More likely, this was political prozac, routine western propaganda for Syria in consideration of the failed US-led ‘peace talks’ that were happening only miles away in Montreux.

The much-loved and often misunderstood regime change sponsor and financial mogul, George Soros, is a regular at Davos too, and you can bet that like Syria, the Ukraine was high on the agenda this year. For those in the know, access to that country’s elite is possible here, through an invite to their annual ‘Davos Ukrainian Lunch‘ event frequented, as it goes, by Bilderberg members too.

Outside official venues, pro-EU mobs were flown in to provide a real ‘protest experience’ for Davos attendees, chanting slogans like, “Where are you, EU?” – part of the wider internationalist campaign to fold the Ukraine into the wider EU caliphate.

You can just hear the punters crowing, “It’s just like a real protest! This is so neat!”

Incredible for sure, but also probably paid for by the US State Department who are keen to overthrow the government in Kiev.

As self-reverential and pompous talking shops go, Davos is certainly in a category all its own. The bigger it gets, the more distorted its world view becomes, as an inward-looking, ideological and financial pit.

On their official website the World Economic forum at Davos claims to be, ‘committed to improving the state of the world’… yes, but whose world?

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