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Soros-funded Media Matters effort to slander, discredit conservative activist

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Pete.SterryPeter Sterry
21st Century Wire

America is becoming more and more polarised politically these days, and as a result, there are a number of highly partisan media organisations who are masquerading as press outlets, and invariably, when printing attack pieces on activists they don’t like, they tend to overplay their hand.

As political media attack dogs go, George Soros’s pet project, Media Matters, has one of worst cases of leftist rabies imaginable. According to their website, they have created a special kind of pig’s trough:

“Our blog section features rapid response fact-checks of conservative misinformation, links to media criticism from around the web, commentary, analysis and breaking news from Media Matters’ senior fellows, investigative team, researchers and other staff.”

It’s sounds rather painfully like a high school activist blog on steroids, but there you go.

This week, Media Matters has been working overtime in attempt to convince Americans to fear this weekend’s DC Trucker rally protest, branding it as the work of crazed conspiracy theorists. There are many people high up in America’s left and right wing branches of the establishment who do not want to see a nonpartisan demonstration, or display of civil disobedience in public – because such an event would undermine their expressed task of dividing and ruling along various lines – Democrat vs Republican lines, racial lines, or gender lines. Busy bodies in Washington love their lines so much, that they spend fortunes snorting them up their noses (so say nine out ten overly enthusiast interns).

DC Trucker spokeswoman Zeeda Andrews

Targeted by Media Matters:  Former singer Zeeda Andrews.

In one of the worst cases of partisan muck-raking seen yet, one of the Media Matters featured bloggers was sent on what can only described as a poisonous fishing expedition.

His name is Ben Dimerio, a 31 year old “research fellow” at the left-wing foundation-funded Media Matters, and his job this week was to troll through the Facebook page of a DC Trucker supporter spokesperson, Zeeda Andrews, pulling up posts which were either shared, or liked, in order to build a demonic picture of the person targeted, and then publishing them in a Media Matters article on October 9th. A cowardly act, to say the least, and an abuse of the social network, considering many people post, comment, share and like items which a private conversations – expressing opinions between friends.

Even if Ms. Andrews is, as Dimerio insists- a mentally unstable conspiracy nut, it’s beside the point. After reading Dimerio’s rather nasty little piece of blog roll, one can only come to conclusion that it took a very hateful and unhappy person to dive into someone’s Facebook page in order to nail them to a political cross. Even worse, if Dimerio did this for a bag of silver…

In my youth, to make your bones as a hack, sub editor’s would give you the unpleasant job of setting up copy on the Alpha Type machine. If you managed to survive there, you’d get sent down to cover bowling on the green. It was long, tedious, and rather boring, but it’s what was done.

What Media Matters is asking its staff to do on a daily basis may be considered ‘progressive’ inside insular liberal circles, but it’s somewhat disconcerting in terms of civilisation in the 21st century. One almost feels sorry watching a young person write a slanderous piece on an activist, although Washington DC is a city where bottom-feeding is more prevalent than others. It’s simply one in a long list of dirty little things one must do these days, scraping the bottom of the barrel – in order to move up the foundation career ladder.

Of course, it doesn’t take a journalist to do the work of a troll, to go and spend hours digging up items which a person has posted, shared, or liked on any given social network. Anyone can do it, but normally this kind of activity is reserved for political hatchet men (and women) and other professionals at the lower rungs of society, like those employed to dig up dirt for partisan left-wing blogs – oops, sorry we’ve come full circle. Fancy that? 

If you’ve ever been through the pain of having someone ‘friend’ you on Facebook, only to go in and dig up anything and everything in your account, in order to profile you for a hit-piece in the national (or global) media, you can imagine what an invasion of privacy that must feel like. Especially when everything which was gathered is taken completely out of context. This is the ugly side of America’s foundation-funded partisan media, where destroying individuals takes precedent over debating the issues. Unfortunately, at Media Matters, this sort of nauseating practice is still classed as journalism.

In the spirit of reciprocity and equal time, it’s only right to put a face to the man who’s dishing out the dirt for Media Matters. Here’s what looks like the recently wed (?), gutter journalist-for-hire, Mr. Ben Dimerio, a resident of Washington DC.

Ben too has a Facebook page (Image, below). There’s a handsome Ben. Yes, what a lovely couple. As you can see, Ben very cool, he has a lovely head of hair, and a beautiful chin. And what a dashing pink bow tie on Ben (please, we kindly insist that our readers not make any off-colour metro sexual remarks in the comment section provided below)…

Fair play. As it goes, there could very be a number other, rather much, much more interesting images and posts one could easily lift from Ben’s Facebook page, which one could, if one was that way inclined – to reassemble item in a certain way, and then post them below with lurid commentary, in order to do exactly what Ben Dimerio has done this week in his attempt to assassinate the public character of an activist, but in the spirit of good cricket, and healthy transatlantic relations… we’ll press the pause button.

The sad reality here, is that what this man attempted to do to Ms. Andrews says a whole lot more about Ben Dimerio… than it does about his latest prey. The obvious and dubious, underhanded practices of Media Matters – provide another very clear example of exactly how far certain elements will go in order to demonise any messenger – with the ultimate objective of completely shutting down the conversation in America.

America is on a boiler at the moment, because corruption in Washington DC is at an all time high. The White House is working feverish to hide and bury its mistakes – and crimes. Trillions of dollars per year are being sucked out of the public purse, and year in, year out, no one in Washington seems to want to answer where all that money actually disappeared. These Constitutional Truckers are normal Americans who want their grievances answered – but no one in Buckingham Palace West seems to care much for the plebs.

If you truly add up the numbers, it’s a fairly safe bet that many more Americans would side with regular citizens, or hard working, American truckers – than with the political clone army at Media Muggers.

Unlike Ben Dimerio and his ilk, the DC Truckers and their spokespersons… do not pretend to be perfect.

You have to ask yourself, why would Media Matters expend so much effort to attacking individual activists, instead of doing what ‘media’ should really be doing – and attack the government corruption which is threatening the basis of US constitutional law and could, if left unchecked, destroy American society as a whole.

‘Media’ is only media. It is not “the press”. Media Matters is only partisan propaganda. Period, Full stop.

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