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Bilderberg Ceremony: Soros Wedding Reveals Clinton Global Initiative Cabal

21st Century Wire says…

Billionaire investor and Bilderberg consolidator George Soros, married healthcare consultant Tamiko Bolton this weekend…

The Soros wedding guest list is a veritable who’s who of global change agents, as many notable attendee’s hold prominent positions within the World Bank, The Trilateral Commission and the Clinton Global Initiative.

It’s not a coincidence that participants and heads of state connected to the Clinton Global Initiative would be in attendance at the Soros’ wedding.

The Clinton Global Initiative is working closely with the United Nations to enable certain health requirements and mandates world-wide. All the usual suspects are present at this year’s CGI conference, President Obama, the Clinton’s, as well as U2 frontman Bono, for the ninth annual meeting under the vague theme “Mobilizing for Impact.”

This latest collusion of global financiers and the medical industrial complex recalls a report by the Council on Foreign Relations, a report that 21st Century Wire covered in July, describing a multi-pronged attack from new health initiatives from the United Nations, as well as the William J. Clinton Foundation, the same foundation heading up CGI.

The CFR report states that:

“In all, more than forty bilateral donors, twenty-five UN agencies, twenty global and regional funds, and ninety global initiatives target health activities and assistance.”

Large pharmaceutical companies such as Gilead Sciences and Merck are directly tied to the most recent global health initiatives with their “antiretroviral agents” like Truvada, seeking to profit from new regulatory rulings from the UN.

It appears that Obama’s HIV Executive Order took its que from the United Nations as well, (UNAIDS) from their Brave New World report “Treatment 2015,” leaving Americans shuttered from the process:

““In achieving universal access to HIV treatment, an important milestone is passed when the annual increase in the number of adults receiving HIV treatment exceeds the number of adults becoming newly infected with HIV. This transition, first conceptualized and promoted by the United States President’s Emergency Plan forAIDS Relief in its 2012 Blueprint for Creating an AIDS-free Generation, is referred to as programmatic tipping point when the response begins to outpace the epidemic itself.”

Are these health initiatives just a sophisticated way for the global cabal to launder profit, while breaking the the bank for everyday citizens?

Will the UN issue a global health tax in the near future?

As Bolton and Soros exchange vows, there is shadow marriage under way, merging cogent enterprises at the expense of everyday people…

IMAGE: George Soros (financier of socialist systems throughout the world)

Page Six

Billionaire investor George Soros, 83, will marry 42-year-old Tamiko Bolton today, followed by a huge party at his Caramoor Estate in Bedford, with 500 guests.

We’re told the couple will say their vows in front of a select group of friends and family before they celebrate with hundreds from 4:30 p.m. onward.

Those expected include World Bank president Jim Yong Kim and Toomas Hendrik Ilves, president of Estonia; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president of Liberia; and Edi Rama, prime minister of Albania.

Also there will be Paul Tudor Jones II and Rep. Nancy Pelosi. Festivities started Friday night with a dinner at Le Bernardin, followed by cocktails with a few hundred guests at MoMA.

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