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Obama’s Executive HIV Initiative: Billions in Profits, Heading to Global Financiers

IMAGE: Obamacare is becoming a bailout for a select cartel of medical and pharma giants – and their shareholders on Wall Street.

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

So the AIDS crisis is back again, and we are now told there’s a perfectly viable national – and global solution, waiting in the wings.

Obama latest Executive Order, the HIV Care Continuum Initiative, is a move towards mandatory HIV testing for Americans visiting their doctor for routine of health check-ups, as evidenced in the bill itself:

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force now recommends that clinicians screen all individuals ages 15 to 65 years for HIV.”

In a review of the recent executive order titled “HIV Care Continuum Initiative“, the true function of Obamcare comes into view, as another incremental erosion of Americans’ constitutional rights. In addition to the violation of individual rights, we see a controlled future by large global organizations and pharmaceutical companies tied to ‘so-called’ philanthropic families…

In a report by The United Nations (UNAIDS) innocuously titled “Treatment 2015“, we see a detailed outline that mentions some of the same goals contained in the recent presidential (EO) and more importantly, this proves that the Obama administration has already conspired with the UN – leaving American voters completely shut out of the democratic process in favour new ‘global governance initiatives’. Clearly, Obama’s new EO-HIV testing provision is directed by this report from the UN:

In achieving universal access to HIV treatment, an important milestone is passed when the annual increase in the number of adults receiving HIV treatment exceeds the number of adults becoming newly infected with HIV. This transition, first conceptualized and promoted by the United States President’s Emergency Plan forAIDS Relief in its 2012 Blueprint for Creating an AIDS-free Generation, is referred to as programmatic tipping point when the response begins to outpace the epidemic itself.”

In another section with the sub-heading titled “Reconceptualizing HIV testing“, there is more evidence showing a push towards ‘dutiful’ testing:

Although much has been accomplished in promoting knowledge of HIV status, much more must be done to fully leverage HIV testing as a gateway to HIV treatment.”

The answer seems likely, as most of the statistical information used by presidential EO seemed culled from that very report. It is important to note that the UN provides many such directive reports supported by the Rockefeller family.

In our 21st Century Wire report yesterday, we cited the connections readers need to understand who is likely to be pulling the strings for the HIV Care Initiative signed by the President:

“According to a report by the Council on Foreign Relations titled “The Global Health Regime we see some of the chosen parties that could be pushing these mandates behind the scenes. Merck Pharmaceuticals is said to have “initiated efforts to promote universal access to HIV treatment, and later the William J. Clinton Foundation negotiated dramatic price reductions and generic manufacturing of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs).”

Continuing, the CFR report states:

“In all, more than forty bilateral donors, twenty-five UN agencies, twenty global and regional funds, and ninety global initiatives target health activities and assistance.”

Note also that two weeks ago, President Obama was joined by Bill Clinton and George W Bush during his African holiday, where Bush was praised for his ‘gift to Africans – $30 billion earmarked during his previous presidency for HIV/AIDS treatment in Africa – part of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, also known as PEPFAR, part of the Global Health Initiative. Are these three US Presidents really just acting as sales reps for big pharma? The Telegraph reported last week:

“Mr Obama praised his predecessor’s Aids relief programme which has spent more than £30 billion in close to 60 mostly African countries and saved the lives of more than one million people living with HIV or Aids.”

Follow the money

Mandatory HIV testing in the US is a license to print money for the companies who will be procuring what is already the most expensive HIV test in the world today. So it’s not at all a stretch to describe federally-funded programs like these, whether they be in the US or Africa – as bailouts for the medical industrial complex, and their shareholders who’s majority comprise of the top names in the global banking syndicate.

The Rothschild backed bank JP Morgan Chase, holds most of the major shares in Merck Pharmaceuticals. In 2007, Merck had a huge setback, as the drugs they created to combat HIV, gave people a greater risk of infection. However, the Rothschild’s have been extremely instrumental to the crafting the global directives issued by the UN. It has been well documented that the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild’s fund and support similar cogent enterprises.

After the announcement of Obama’s latest executive order, you can be certain that certain big pharma corps’ share prices are set to skyrocket.

The financial and political threads in this story should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed the exploits of mega market makers. There’s a long history between the Rockefeller family, the UN and the CFR. David Rockefeller was the youngest director of the secretive think-tank. In addition to that, the Rockefeller’s have financial ties to pharmaceutical corporations that have developed ‘antiretroviral agents’  for HIV testing. Gilead Sciences, which is backed by the Rockefeller’s, stands to gain quite a bit, from their FDA approved HIV blocking pill called Truvada. Truvada, has been said to reduce viral transmission up to 75%.

On the surface, this seems like a positive achievement, however when one looks into the halls of bio-development we see the possibility of much more sinister past as revealed by Alan Cantwell Jr. MD:

“Much more likely to have spread animal viruses to human beings is the largely forgotten  Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP). This  research program  was responsible  for  the development, the seeding, and the deployment of various animal viruses,  which were  capable of producing cancer and immune system damage when  transferred between animal species and into human cells and tissue.”

Cantwell continued detailing this dark history, stating that the “SVCP began in 1964 as a government-funded program of the National Cancer Institute (NCI)  in Bethesda, Maryland. Many of  the top  AIDS scientists, including Dr. Robert Gallo (the co-discoverer of  HIV), Myron (Max)  Essex (of “cat AIDS”  fame), and Peter Duesberg (who claims HIV is not the cause of AIDS), were connected with the Program.”

The implications of this would be staggering, if  the public acknowledged this research.

Could global hegemonic organizations and power-elite philanthropists have deliberately released bio-viruses, only to fund pharmaceutical companies to find ‘cures’ to the very viruses that they helped create?

Crypto-philanthropic eugenics engineers

There is a tremendous amount of money to be had for those who control the genetics field.

Could both the Rockefeller’s and Rothschild families hold the key to understanding the ‘political purse strings’ of Obama’s executive order
and the global initiatives that have been summoned by the UN?

James Corbett, political analyst of the Corbett Report, gives a historical context to consider when thinking about the bio-yearnings of the elite, discussing “the American-based Rockefeller-supported crypto-eugenics pedigree of the bioethics discipline”, as summarized here:

Never before has that decision been made in such a centralized fashion as it is in 21st century society with its increasingly sophisticated medical technologies administered by accredited professionals in clinical settings that must conform to the edicts of boards, organizations, and governmental regulations. The fear amongst a great majority of the American public–a fear that is immediately and roundly mocked by a significant portion of the establishment lapdog media–is that these decisions have led, and will continue to lead, to a society that places a diminished value on the sanctity of life itself.”

We can see how this might be applied to the current health measures and how it could be of paramount concern if government mandates were based on science that is paid for by corporations, that may or may not have your best interest. Given Alan Cantwell’s findings, one has to consider a darker intent.

Obama’s latest executive order, may well have more complex global underpinnings with a provision that is beyond testing the public.

Watch this space – and watch billions in taxpayer money flow straight into the hands of a select group of men who have manipulated the US public purse for over a century.

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