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Senator Mitch McConnell caves on Obamacare defunding effort

21st Century Wire says…

It appears unlikely that Senate Minority Leader Mitchell McConnell will challenge the implementation of Obamacare, opting not to support a defunding effort headed by Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee…

The Senate Conservative Fund, a political action committee, recently released a statement in regards to McConnell’s ‘Chameleon-like’ ways over Obamacare:

“Mitch McConnell is telling people he opposes Obamacare while he refuses to oppose its funding.”

Continuing, SFC Executive Director Matt Hoskins added:

“Mitch McConnell has cut deals with President Obama to raise the debt limit, increase taxes, and fund Obamacare and we believe Republicans in Kentucky deserve a chance to elect a true conservative who will fight for their values. Kentucky Republicans would also benefit from having a more electable candidate than Mitch McConnell. He’s unpopular in Kentucky and could lose the race and cost Senate Republicans the majority.”

According to an article by Red State almost a year ago, McConnell has wavered from his initial stance on Obamacare and has actively worked against Senators looking to derail the healthcare measure:

Consider the alternative. There is another amendment Senator McConnell expressly refuses to bring up this week as an alternative — an amendment by Senator Jim DeMint for full repeal of Obamacare. “Wait,” you say, “It’d never pass.” True. But neither with Roy Blunt’s. The difference is that Roy Blunt’s gives the Democrats cover to say they oppose the President without actually opposing the President and Jim DeMint’s amendment puts many swing state Democrats in the awkward position of either reminding voters of their support of Obamacare or suddenly flipping their support to try to save their political skin.”

McConnell has been near the center of this controversial provision since it was upheld by the Supreme Court. Perhaps McConnell is looking towards his re-election, as he has retained the services of campaign manager and political opportunist Jesse Benton for his 2014 bid.

Yesterday McConnell was heard acquiescing to the restrictive healthcare measure, a measure that we at 21WIRE, have been tirelessly analyzing.

“There are a handful of things in the 2,700-page bill that probably are okay.” – Senator Mitch McConnell

What other backdoor deals will McConnell and company have in store, if socialized healthcare is fully implemented?

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