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Will Obamacare be the ‘Pandora’s Box’ of the Neo-Eugenics Movement?

Shawn Helton 
21st Century Wire

Obamacare advocates receive government gifts for their support. Shocking enough, but the trail of social engineering goes much deeper than this…

Planned Parenthood, along with George Washington University and The Whitman-Walker Clinc, are among the main recipients of grant money from the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange, for participating in getting uninsured individuals to sign up for Obamacare.

The sum total of grants awarded to the three institutions listed above is $875,000, according to the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange’s own website. All in all, 35 organizations will receive 6.4 million from the government  in an effort to increase the enrollment for Obamacare.

Are these ‘real’ grants, or are they just payouts used to coerce the public into buying socialized healthcare?

Another Obamacare surrogate, Enroll America, has also been under fire recently, for its tax exempt status while securing new customers for the new health provision.

The irony is not lost on us at 21Wire, as Obamacare has partnered up with Planned Parenthood, an organization permanently placed at the center of the abortion industry.

The dark roots of Planned Parenthood have been well documented, in particular, its founder Margaret Sanger, a known eugenicist, who was in favor of many different forms of population control and sterilization.

IMAGE: Margaret Sanger (sickeningly, wikipedia, lists her as a birth control activist, no doubt trying to throw a positive spin on her efforts).

“The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”
– Women and The New Race by Margaret Sanger

In a recent article by Crisis Magazine, a tenured professor at George Washington University, has been espousing new bio-control methods, that are very close to the ideas imbued by Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and that of Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger:

“David DeGrazia, tenured at George Washington University, who in the Journal of Medical Ethics recently advocated creating a master race via programmatic “moral bioenhancement.” Like many, DeGrazia gazed upon the earth and saw “an abundance of immoral behaviour.” He worried “traditional means of moral enhancement may prove inadequate to achieve needed improvements,” therefore more drastic measures are called for. Such as selection “of embryos that contain a gene coding for a greater disposition to altruism” or even implanting an “artificial chromosome that includes multiple genes coding for stronger predispositions to a variety of moral virtues.”

IMAGE: David DeGrazia, ‘re-educating’ the youth of America at GWU.

These are troubling ideas being disseminated by one of the United States most storied institutions, George Washington University. Dr David DeGrazia, a philosophy professor, seems deeply entrenched in the depths of transhumanism, a dark future agenda born out of eugenics and those within the  New World Order, openly pushing to control humanity.

The Übermensch or ‘over-man‘ concept has adorned the dark halls of genetics for sometime. Could Obamacare be used as a catalyst to bring these post-person images to life? 

There is no telling what kind of ‘Pandora’s Box’ Obamacare’s medical industrial complex will become, as it has seemingly linked itself to many eugenics influenced organizations. Centralized control and care rationing policies are already visible in its operational hierarchy.

Alex Lawson,
executive director of social security works, appears to be a missing link to understanding how all these organizations have been chained together. In a progressive blog called Blog for Iowa, Lawson is shown to be a multifaceted connection, inextricably linking government propaganda machine Media Matters, with the healthcare system and the Whitman-Walker Clinc, as well as GWU:

“Lawson received his master’s degree in public policy from George Washington University and previously worked with Media Matters, Campaign for America’s Future, and Health Care for America Now campaign. Lawson started his work in policy in the field of public health with a focus on HIV/AIDS, doing research for the Whitman-Walker Clinic and founding DC Fights Back, a grassroots advocacy group that focuses on HIV epidemic in Washington, D.C.”

In the above quote, we see a clear connection between GWU, the Whitman-Walker Clinc, Media Matters and the healthcare system. Is this just a coincidence, or designed social change?

The collectivist political engineers seem poised to push America towards a global model of social control through Obamacare. We have already documented the elite connections financing pharmaceutical companies linked to this dangerous healthcare provision.

The YouTube video below depicts two investigative journalists exposing the race-control underpinnings of Planned Parenthood…

DC Obamacare exchange awards $375k grant to Planned Parenthood

Washington Examiner

Washington, D.C.’s health insurance exchange has awarded a $375,000 grant to abortion provider Planned Parenthood to help enroll participants in Obamacare, the exchange announced on Tuesday.

As part of its effort to boost enrollment in the exchange created by President Obama’s health care law, the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange doled out $6.4 million to 35 DC-based groups. Those groups include local churches as well as health care and community organizations.

One of the largest awards went to Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington D.C. A full list of groups is available here.

“We are excited to create these partnerships with trusted organizations that have deep roots in the communities that make up the District of Columbia,” Diane C. Lewis, chair of the exchange’s executive board, said in a statement.

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